Hello from my inner sadist

Fuck, I want to hurt someone today (in that good, good way, of course).

I wouldn’t actually say I am particularly horny, just somewhat “sadisticy”. I wish I knew why this particular tickle has hit me, more for curiosity’s sake than anything else, though I do have to admit it would be nice to know just for future reference when I need to channel it a bit more.

Of course, Thumper offered his own theories in the following text, but I kinda doubt he’s right because I am really not that much into moon cycles and all the hippie jazz like him, but at least he tried.

I think it’s a stress thing for me and, since through this experience I have allowed myself to both acknowledge and accept during the last few years with Thumper, I think I have learned that it’s okay to let my inner sadist rage if that is what is going to make me feel more peaceful and happy. To me, it’s feeling somewhat like the need to orgasm in that it’s not anything I HAVE to do, but it sure would be something nice to do and I think I sure would smile after. But, having no one to discipline (last call, any volunteers?), I think I will watch this episode of “Drew’s Inner Workings” and take notes to see if I can channel it for the next time I need it.

In all seriousness, I know it’s stress. As most of you have figured out, sometimes, as a facet of my career, I am often like the guy from Up in the Air, minus the Clooney hair. I have just started a new project that will have me reshaping the culture of an office every week or two over the next eight months and today was just the second day of what appears to be a draining engagement – at least at the start. Since yesterday I have had 27 one to one meetings with people to discuss their roles in the future plans and it takes every bit of energy I have to do that, especially knowing I have 23 more before I leave tomorrow. It’s not terrible and it’s frankly not bad news for most of them, but the receptiveness of this has just caused visions of Thump’s red ass and swollen nipples into my mind and, fuck, that is a nice distraction.

Okay, my lunch break is over as there is a man with a really, I mean, REALLY, bad tie standing outside my door looking like he’s going to irritate me before he even sits down so it’s time to take my mind back to those lovely sounds a sub makes right before I take my hand and…


    1. I’m far more interested in hearing about what constitutes a really bad tie. Was it a rubber ducky tie? Were there hot peppers involved? The world needs to know.

      On a side note: I will be appropriating the word “sadisticy”. I believe it fills a specific void. I’m gonna make it a thing.


  1. I absolutely understand feeling sadisticy, esp in response to work tension. It’s so wonderful to have a nice masochistic boy who craves a good beating now and then. It just balances everything out and everyone is happy.


  2. Embrace the feeling and savour it. Hopefully you will be able to re-call it at an appropriate time. It helps with a stressful day, doesn’t it?

    Working in the service industry I know very well how drained you must have felt at the end of the day interviewing all these people. Always the same questions!

    I join the queue, I would also like to know what a bad tie constitutes.

    Hope you have a nice weekend, Silke


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