Chastity Pants

We interrupt this blog for a commercial break..

Pants made for the locked male. Who’d have thunk it?

Apparently, one company did, whether they planned it or not.

For me and as much as I travel, I am constantly on the search for clothing that is comfortable yet, at a minimum, casual Friday-ish enough that if I ran into a client on a plane I would not feel like a tourist or a college guy. Also, I hate to fly in work clothes so I need something easy when I am changing in the handicapped stall at the rental car station before taking a night flight to wherever.

I found these pants at Lululemon, a store that I thought was only for ladies until I went inside and discovered lots of made for active men clothing that stays fresh all day and is amazingly comfortable. This led to my discovery of the line of ABC pants, which stands for “anti ball crushing” pants and, I have to tell you, just for regular life these things are amazing, but for someone who is sporting some plastic or steel, they are incredible. These pants have a bit of a spandex feel, though they look like khakis, and that bit o’dex seems to be directly in the crotch area. When wearing the Steelheart, I look like I have a nice, full package while also feeling like I have a nice jockstrap holding aid package. The device itself is undetectable in those. When wearing the Axel, the same applies except for the fact that this device has the locking ball on the end and that tends to stick out just a bit, though you would have to really be looking to see it. Oh, and they have hidden pockets everywhere and my ass looks great in them.

Finally, they dry fast. So fast, that I have actually washed a pair in the shower with me during and extended trip and they were ready to wear after just a few hours of hanging. I point this out because, as you know, when you are locked and/or pierced, one tiny slip and you are left with a wet crotch, but these dry almost immediately and could also be referred to as dignity saving pants at that.

They are not cheap at $128 a pair, BUT, they will be something you will wear as often as possible and are highly worth the price (says the man who now has four pair). There are stores everywhere and the sizing is off to the point I had to go down to s 34 from my regular 36, so I would suggest trying a pair in person before buying online.

P.S. – This company also has a line of underwear called “Lock ’em down” and, while they mean support, I love the dual meaning.


  1. “… and my ass looks great in them.”

    And there we have the REAL reason you love them. 😉

    Seriously though… Pics! I wanna see the pockets….yes….pockets….. Let’s go with that.


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