Happy weekend. I am in the middle of a five day home stand, with only one night out for a two hour meeting next week and then home again for five more nights, so I am starting to breathe again. I’m recovering from the first three days of this week where I had 37 performance meetings with 37 relative strangers where I broke a few hearts, made a few happy, and have no doubt that somewhere in the midwest, two or three little sweater clad women are furiously knitting Drew voodoo dolls at this exact moment (I do hope they add a harness and metal genitals).

But, there’s nothing like home and, for me, the locked dick to prove it.

Over the last few months I have talked about how I am now, with relative ease, telling people in my life about this blog and the people I write about. However, it hit me this morning that I have lost track of the exact number of friends who now know and I am a bit bothered by why that doesn’t bother me. I mean, I am the uptight one always worried that people are going to know my secrets or judge me for things and, here I am, out there telling the world private things all willy nilly. It’s kinda cool, huh?

That said, it’s about only six people and three of them knew about Thumper before the blog and two or three know about the chastity and not the blog, so in reality I am almost back to only one or two knowing everything. That’s fine with me too because that means there is still room to do more. Maybe.

In many ways this post was just a post to post, but as things settle I am hoping I won’t and we can get back to some serious fun with me and a boy, or three.

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  1. Enjoy your time off. After 37 meetings you certainly deserve it!

    I reply to you post for the sake of posting for the sake of offering feedback. I used to do it with a certain blog. Am still a bit angry that that seemed to be fake.
    So appreciate your honesty and courage to share things from your life. We sad people who read other people’s blogs as we do not dare to live our fantasies. Discuss.


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