Texting Jumbles

I’m in a good mood today. Not really sure why, but I am. I have a very slow week work wise and, while I am in a Northeastern city known for the kind of love I like, you know, brotherly, I am not stressing about anything particular at the moment and have enjoyed the day just doing weird little clean up tasks and sending flirtatious texts to friends, and salacious texts to Axel and Thumper, a important texts to colleagues. It’s a jumble I have to pay close attention too because one “what’s in your ass today?” question to the wrong person and I will be an embarrassed boy. Also, likely an unemployed boy too.

Speaking of the Ax, he and I are finally back into a clicking along kind of pattern where we are working together toward sexual goals versus separately. For us it’s so tough between the weird schedules and his recovery, which is still only at about 65%, that we sometimes forget that we are in this kinky quest together above all things and when that gets out of balance everything else is wobbly too. That said, I know this is far from unusual with almost any other couple, except maybe those creepy ones who never leave each other’s sides, but for those that this applies to as well, you know exactly what I mean.

Last night Axel and I had a bit of fun, on – a -Monday of all days, but, while it did result in me pretty much covered with ejaculate, it really wasn’t all that sexual as much as it was just an hour or two of lying in the floor (I had vacuumed earlier so it was okay) and looking at each other all googledly and just talking about my dick, then his dick, then the sound of what we think may be a squirrel in the attic again, and more about my dick, my ass, and how we probably need a new vacuum because it really sucked. It’s one of those moments that probably would look boring to most (well, except for me laying in the floor naked with a shiny metal cock, you know, and him lying there naked wondering if he will ever be able to get up again) but for us, it was needed and, I think, is what has contributed to my happy outlook on life today.

He packed some jocks in my bag for some pictures tonight, so if my arm is twisted I might post them. Additionally, he packed the Steelheart in my bag versus the Axel. It’s odd because he knows how uncomfortable I am in that, but suspect that might have been his plan all along.

We shall see.


  1. Sometimes it is good to just BE together, and it sounds as if you did that.
    Although I kept wondering how you can lay IN the floor. Unless you have built something for those hard bondage sessions, like the cell in the deck at SBI?
    Sorry, I have noticed quite a few spelling incidents lately, and I always thought you were a stickler for correct spelling and grammar. Or I have you got confused with Sparky there.

    Great pick, btw.


    1. When you type on an iPad on a plane things get jumbled. I fixed that, but in your last sentence are you saying I picked something well or did you mean a pic, you know, short for picture? 🙂


      1. Ok, you found me out!
        I meant to correct it, but my stupid slow internet connection was actually working for a change.


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