F.U. Donald

Note: The following contains mild political ramblings and, if you are a Trump supporter, you should unfollow me now. Not really because what I will say might offend you but more just because I don’t want you to follow me if you think with any part of you that voting for this man who wants to take away my rights, creates the ultimate double standard, and offends most of the groups I care about deeply all while apparently paying less tax than I do is okay.

If I were Thumper I would say “fuck you” for even thinking about voting for him, but, I rather dig Thump, so I think I will say it too – Fuck You. And, finally, if you are voting for him, I want to tell you that I believe you will forever forfeit your right to even mention the abuse of the welfare system again. Ever. And, well, you get my point.

Hello from a swing state. Yes, I have the unfortunate pleasure of working this week in a state that can’t make up their mind and, because of that, I can see Trump and Clinton signs from where I write this. In addition, every few minutes on the TV here there is a Trump ad and I am going to hurt myself trying to get to the TV fast enough to not hear any of it. Though, living in a red state where there is little hope of it ever switching to blue, I guess this is a good thing because what they do here really will count. My mind is actually hurting this year around this election and it’s taking a toll on me just about everywhere I go.

But, enough of my political-ness since you probably aren’t reading me for my civil rights, but, the thing is, what is going down on the election trail scares me deeply for many reasons, but I have become particularly entrenched in the double standards that are being allowed and accepted.

In the land of Trump, you have him continuing to throw shade at HRC because her husband had an affair twenty years ago without ever acknowledging that he has five children from three wives and that in the divorce hearing from his first wife, he pled the fifth amendment over 95 times in order to not admit that he was unfaithful in the marriage. I have wondered if the openness of my marriage or if all those times that Thumper and I were accused of cheating on our spouses makes me more sensitive to this or if it’s truly just that it’s so stupid that it’s actually hurting me?

On top of this, you have a former mayor, also on his third wife, shouting this garbage as well and every single time they go to a black church to show how much they care and then turn around and say “those people” just makes it worse. And so on and so on.

I realize this is not going to change and that it’s just making asses be more ass like, but it’s still irritating. However, when you start looking at double standards, the kink world is full of them too. I realized this more than ever last week when I had a slow day and decided that I would just sit on the couch and surf recon and various other sites for five minutes that may have turned into five hours. In doing this, I cannot tell you how many personal ads placed by Doms would say things like “must be very fit for my attention“, “no overweights“, “show your Dom respect by caring for your body” or other similar statements. While this may or may not be okay in certain situations, more often than not, the ones who wrote those ads had stats that said “5’7, 365 pounds, 44″ waist“. Is that not a double standard there? as in a submissive must be fit, but those who they serve can be slobs? I realize it’s a personal ad and people do and seek out their preferences, but  just have to wonder if they ever think? Those aside, I think my favorite I saw last week was from a Dom who talked in great detail about how “only highly educated salves would get his atention” and then, on top of that, described himself as “6’1, harry, with a 35″ waste“.

So, I ask, is this just in gay culture or is this something that straddles the line to the straight world too? I would assume it’s worse, but haven’t let myself go too far in looking at those ads because there are usually pictures there that upset or scare me.

This double standard has always applied, in my mind, to the lack of understanding of “the” bisexuals by everyone as well as the open marriage concepts too. Remember all this kinky commenters who were 100% of Thumper exploring as long as it wasn’t with a man, or the ones that thought that Belle was being hurt while not caring at all about Axel. It’s an odd thing, this double standard and I think, if nothing else comes of this year, I will try my best to not practice this though I admit I am sure I do unconsciously on a few levels.

I have to go back to work but just thought I would share my thoughts (for some reason) on this subject and really have no idea how to close this so I think I will just go with something simple like “fuck you Donald” and be done just like this.


  1. I’m always surprised at seeing actual, real people who are Trump supporters. I like to think I’m an open-minded person, but I just literally cannot fathom why anyone who has all their teeth and doesn’t have a brother-cousin or a sister-mother would support him.

    And yeah, that double standard exists in the straight world, too. I think it’s just a people-are-ignorant-assholes thing, and being gay, straight, or otherwise doesn’t stop someone from being an ignorant asshole (case in point – and this is true – I know a gay Trump supporter. I almost carried a child for him and his boyfriend. Thank God I didn’t. I wouldn’t be able to live with the idea of a being that is biologically half mine being raised by a Trump supporter).


  2. Hello Drew,

    I want to comment but I am not sure what to say.
    Trump scares me and the people who think he is great. Here in Britain we kind of had a similar situation, people voted for leaving the EU, but now they do not really want it!
    Tough luck, we are stuck with it.
    So 5 minutes surfing the internet turned into several hours? That is so sad. The internet is so full of nothing important but we still get hooked on it. there might be something better around the corner, on the next website, on the next advert on recon etc.

    I spent some time at my friends house today to help her decorate her daughter’s ex room. Under the bed was a book about psycho- sociological or so about s/m relationships. She studied criminology, it was a text book. My quite conservative friend was quite shocked. I found it very funny, really.


  3. I’m generally a Libertarian voter, so I’m going to skip the political commentary.

    So, I ask, is this just in gay culture or is this something that straddles the line to the straight world too?

    It works in both directions, I’m afraid. “Findoms” or “Financial Dominatrixes” seem to have a requirement to the effect of not having completed Jr. High. It’s to the point where when I see a Findom profile, it’s almost out of place to *not* see misspellings, grammar errors, poor sentence structure, etc.

    A long time ago, Bitchy Jones (phuh) wrote an article about sub men who can’t be bothered to diet, work out, and groom themselves. Her point was that women like eye candy, too, and it’s a positive thing to have a slave or sub putting some effort into looking good. Unfortunately, she didn’t write anything about it working the other way round – should we expect doms/dommes to just let themselves go because a proper sub won’t mind?


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