I think Thumper and I are in a race to see who can go the longest between posts. Crazy how things get, huh? (note to crazy commenters, no, no, we are not really in a race nor do we really even discuss our posting promptness – I just thought it was a good opening line.)

It’s been a meh week as I have had a cold. A cold from hell. The worst cold anyone on earth may have ever had. It’s been the kind of cold where instead of polite little coughs here and there, you get the bone shattering soul sucking deep cough that makes you look like you have instantly dropped into a seizure or possibly have wet your pants and makes every weird muscle in your body hurt from the jarring and jiggling. What’s worse is that this developed during a travel week and I had to nurse myself all by myself while still having to lead a three hour meeting Friday morning on, I am not kidding, how to have an effective meeting. It was just awful as I felt horrible physically due to the cold and mentally because it was becoming apparent I work in a Dilbert sketch.

Spoiler alert here, the cold did not kill me and, while I may have contaminated an entire airplane full of people (it was just a regional jet), I managed to get myself home where I slept 14 solid hours breaking the fever and testing the limits of my sheets, mattress pad, and ever so loving spouse.

Twenty four hours later I actually feel okay and I just used my gravely voice, the cultured cough, and a sorta sexy wheeze to lure Axel into my nether regions where I proceeded to do all kinds of nasty nice things to him from, get this too, the bathroom floor. Apparently, one of my signs of getting well is that I get horny (so he says) and apparently he is right because I was indeed horny and feeling a bit mischievous as well. So, as he was brushing his teeth and I was in bed, I decided to flirt with him a bit by crawling naked on all fours up behind him and pulling his underpants down with my teeth, much to my delight, his surprise, and against all the advice Dr. Rosenblatt my orthodontist gave me when he took off my braces 100 years ago. Apparently he liked that vision and that action and decided that he wanted to have his way with me right then and there and challenged the naked on all fours me to a bit of a wrestling match, though it was very fake because, even in naked mischievous mode, I could just imagine knocking his hip out of place or knocking him down to break it. So I extended my arm and we glided the old man down to the floor where the blue led night lighting from the base of the vanity and shower pan (yes, we are that gay) glistened off my PA and his newly sparkling teeth.

The sex wasn’t pretty and wasn’t really that good as I started to wheeze like a geriatric hooker with a seven pack a day habit half way through, but it was fun to be a bit spontaneous and roll around on the wood for a half hour or so (it’s a big bathroom) before both coming within seconds of each other. This climax immediately reminded our bodies that I am sick and had no business being sexy and that he had no business being on the floor and our brains that we really, really need to make sure we mop the corners because from that vantage point of the floor we would not be getting the Good Housekeeping seal – ever. But, as sex at night often does, it sent him to a fast slumber and me downstairs to work off the mental and physical adrenaline a bit before I fall asleep too.

As I write this I wonder exactly why I am writing this and I think it’s really to just give a further glimpse into what the real life of two middle aged men really is as I love hearing about how other couples have their fun as well. Tomorrow, he will likely not be able to walk without limping and I will be very sleepy and likely pissy, but it will be worth it because in this crazy scheduled life he and I both have, these are the moments where we can connect carnally and what keeps us together as a strong couple despite the scheduling and weirdness of our lives.

I have said it before and didn’t follow through, but I miss the blogging when I am not doing it and am going to try to make myself put more of an effort into it over the next few weeks. This week should be easy as I am taking Monday off to fly to Canada to spend the afternoon and evening with my favorite chastity maker, just cause, but then have a wild few days that are causing anxiety even in advance, but from all of that there should be a story or two worth telling.

If not, I’ll just post dick pics or something.


  1. “…started to wheeze like a geriatric hooker with a seven pack a day habit…”

    So that’s officially the visual of the week. I hope you feel better soon, and I seriously doubt anyone is going to complain about you posting dick pics.


  2. Hope you feel better and had a good day in Montreal.

    A 3 hour meeting to teach how to hold a meeting? Does not sound very efficient to me! That is why some companies have started doing meetings whilst standing. Is that included in your talk? Which clever clogs in your company dreamed up that presentation? Apologies if it is yours, but it sounds far too long and boring to me.

    Must be a well sanded wooden floor to have in the bathroom, anyway. Glad you did not end up with any splinters.

    Thank you for sharing.


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