Buff, Shine, and a bit of Color


Good morning from the Steelwerks Extreme studio. I had a weird scheduling glitch this week that left me with an empty Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning (but close to Canada), so I flew up to spend the time with Chris and Steelwerks crew just because. No, no, I am not getting a new cage (yet) but, as you know, he and I quickly developed this brother type of friendship and his wife and my husband fell in love just like every 90’s movie depicted how friendships between gay men and hot women should be (and, you guys know I rarely look at women, but damn, she’s smoking), so this is like coming home for me in a way and has started what will be a nasty professional week off in the absolute right direction.

Anyway, you know I have always likened owning a Steelwerk’s cage to a high end German car and here is yet another example of that – detailing. Yep, a free wash, polish and, in my case, new anodization. So, after my flight tonight, I will be sporting a super duper shiny smooth metal dick with a bonus blue refresh. It’s so exciting I thought I would share a few photos, just cause.

I have written about this before, but I just love spending the day here working on my boring work while he does his. It so fucking beats working at a Starbucks or a hotel lobby like I often do because they do not have the antique 1920’s dental chair I am sitting in (I used a purell wipe before sitting -just kidding Chris) or the various metal penis prototypes I see everywhere. It’s fascinating and immediately propels me into that kinky world I really want to spend more time in one day (seriously kinky folks – let’s starting hanging more).

As I type, Chris is putting the finishing touches on a beautiful creature cage that makes my dick hurt in both desire to be in it and the fear I might be one day (if Axel is in a mean mood) – as this one has spikes, lots and lots of spikes. Crazy. But, every single thing is custom and sadists own masochists just for these spikey things I guess.



  1. You lucky bastard. I love the technical side, and seeing these things being made is awesome.

    Maybe one of these days I should ask them to make a CB3000 copy in Titanium. That would be about the perfect device (for me – YMMV).

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  2. Isn’t it strange and lovely that so many men like their dick locked up that people can make a full time living out of producing high end chastity devices!

    Why is it a taboo then to talk about it?

    The blue and silver shine will go very well with your blue LEDs in the bathroom. Another session on the well sanded floor beckons? I guess Axel will say no due to his hip.

    Have a good week.


    1. Isn’t it strange and lovely that so many men like their dick locked up that people can make a full time living out of producing high end chastity devices!

      Believe me, 10 or 15 years ago, I had no idea that the kink itself would have grown to where there are so many devices (high and low end) for sale.

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      1. Actually, there were tons of different devices being made 15 years ago. The Web wasn’t as mature and they were hard to find. I was reviewing them back then and I received at least two new devices a month. Most were unwearable. Things haven’t changed that much :). Chastity device making is a cottage industry that can sometimes make a living for the makers, but usually end up as a “hobby” and disappear almost as fast as they start. I was sent a Fort, I think the one you wear, when they first came out. I believe they are no longer around. Too bad. It was a great-if-heavy device.

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