1. OK, first thoughts Ouh! Very nice!!

    Then I thought, no, I do not like how the harness bulges out. The shirt does not hang properly. The jockstrap should be a plain colour.

    Is it a selfie? Someone else could have just tucked the shirt down a bit, maybe fold the collar out a bit.

    It is a very nice picture, love the white and greys as well, but prefer the old one.

    And my compliments on those legs!

    Sorry to bring you down, it is a very bad habit of mine. Especially as I would never be able to take such a nice picture, but feel free to criticise others.

    Anyway, best wishes, Silke


    1. So here’s what I don’t understand about comments like this. Why would you come on a blog and critique the shit out of a photo when it wasn’t asked for? And for the love of God, you said you know you have this very bad habit. So type it all out if you need to and then delete the rude parts.

      Best wishes,

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    2. This comment reveals much about you Silke, and what it shows is someone who is incredibly petty and ugly. I don’t have to see a photo to know that.

      People who share of themselves, like Drew does, offer us a glimpse into themselves that we should feel privileged to see: it’s a gift, and spitting on gifts is something even a spoilt petulant child wouldn’t do.

      Next time you feel compelled to indulge your ‘very bad habit’, just don’t. Seriously: Don’t.


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    3. I accept all the comments on how bad a person I am.

      It was meant more in a joking way, which does not come across on paper.


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