Twisted Feedback

I don’t often respond to the feedback I get like this, especially since the comments have tended to stop, but I thought I would post this for your amusement. I am not responding directly, but figured this would work. And, finally, poor Axel.

And, a family place? I may not be all sex all the time, but I’d not want my family reading! Poor woman.

I think the most offensive thing is the run on sentence – surely she could do better?



  1. Oh shit… how did I miss your advances. I am laughing! So your such a sex beast even having breakfast with a hetro male means your trying to get some. We live in the world where people look to be offended vs looking to work and find a common ground. It’s a sad world where opinions have gotten to be “free” on the web and responsibly for opinions is non exsistant.

    PS don’t make fun of my run on sentences! Too busy for for punctuation and assume you’re smart enough to handle to a couple of thoughts in one sentence.


  2. We can’t all. Be like Captain Kirk. Three word sentences!
    Seriously, I think we needed some comic relief. This person doesn’t read very carefully does she? Even the one last post should’ve given her some background.
    Speaking of the last post, I’ll comment on it here. His “power top” was definitely misleading. I think it was in a battery ad some time ago. Not sure whether it was the bunny who “keeps coming and coming and coming,” but this dude was a dud, and probably can’t keep coming and…


  3. That comment is just bullshit. The writer hasn’t understood anything you (or Thumper, or Axel) have written.

    I appreciate the laugh (and I’m still shaking my head over the sheer ignorance), but hope comments like that don’t make you sad or annoyed. In my opinion, such ignorant trolls should just be ignored.


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