It’s 2:20am and I cannot go back to sleep. This middle of the night obsession started about an hour and a half ago when I woke up and decided that Axel, fitfully sleeping next to me, just really needed a blow job. He also needed to be touched a lot, rubbed on incessantly, and bitten a few times here and there too. He was sound asleep but I didn’t care about that either. Today is a holiday for him and he could sleep late if he wants to. It was all about the carnal action of that moment and it was going to be great. And, you know what, it was.

So, welcome to day nine of Drew locked in chastity. It’s an unusual thing based mostly on the fact that I am just not able to be locked that long due to travel and a general apathetic attitude toward chastity, erections, or most things sexual on those weeks when I have six cities to get to in four or five days (be warned, one of those starts Sunday). Also, this is a rare things because I don’t often really talked about my chastity desires on this blog mostly because, one, Thumper has had issues separating me as a dom in his world after reading about me as a sub and/or even saying something as bland as “nine days locked” is enough to bring an appropriate sneer from many many of the locked guys who read this blog because, to them, nine days is just another week and two days. For the ones who have stopped counting their own time, this has to just be precious to them that I would say anything about great discoveries or new philosophies at this tiny stage. I get it.

But, for me, the last week and two days and been phenomenal for multiple reasons. My body takes almost four days to completely adjust to this locked state and, when that happens, I “feel” more and the cage just becomes an extension of myself and one I enjoy seeing, touching, and hearing it jingle when it is on. In addition,  I have found that, as this progresses, Axel starts to become even more handsome on day two, more desirable on day three, and downright full on hot by day five. I guess it’s a level of horniness, but I love the way wearing his cage reminds me of how fucking lucky I am to have him every single time I look at him. It’s worth every penny I have spent on devices to never forget that fact, because, I admit, when I am running around the world all free, it’s easy to forget just how fucking lucky I am at home and this makes sure that will happen.

As I have talked about before, I am never one that has to fight the urge to masturbate when not locked however, when I am locked, I admit I do think about it more and I like that, but it won’t be top priority when I am let out Sunday morning before I fly because I will kick into my practical side and start preparing and cleaning the device for the next week. That has just never been who I am as I am often willing to wait on a real partner just as much so it’s nice to be wearing a reminder at most times.

Finally, I think I really like the control it provides. That control is less about Axel and more about the control over my kinky feelings, or, perhaps, my ownership of them because when you are walking around naked with metal hanging from your crotch, internally your head just says “kink” and my body will just smile along with it. We all know this has been a struggle for me, so I am hoping this will help do the trick there.

So, what does all this mean? It means that Axel and I have talked about getting 100 percent  serious about the controlled locking and that excites me. I suspect my little 1:00am rendezvous with him did not help any case I might want about being out, so I will gladly accept my fate when a workable solution is found.

With that, I have to deal with constant travel. Yes, I know that I can always take it off, go through security and re-lock in a bathroom, but, for me, that is just not a viable option because a Steelwerks’ S screw is TINY. For those of you who haven’t seen it, imagine those little screws that hold the arm on your glasses, multiply that by two, and you are close. For me, I would drop that and would have to lay on the floor to find it and, well, eww. But, when at a hotel between flights or meetings, it can certainly be done.

But, all is not lost either because, when one of your best friends in the world, who you met through your kink, happens to own the best chastity shoppe in the world, you seek solutions. I suggested I go back into a plastic holy trainer when traveling and, even hundreds of miles away, I think I saw him come out of his very colorful skin at the suggestion (even though they are tremendously good devices). He said he was going to work on something and would “fix me up” and then verified my American Express information, so something small and new is in the works which I will, of course, plaster the inter webs with pictures and other junk about my junk.

Time will tell where this will go, but I suspect I will be in more than out though my exception rules, such as when I am with Thumper, will always stay in place.



  1. You’re just scratching the surface at nine days but you know that 😉

    Happy to see you both benefitting. I’m looking forward to hearing how this develops!


  2. Great post and a fantastic insight into chastity from a travelers perspective. Thanks!

    With all of my travel this year I have finally come to the realization that chastity is as much a mindset as a physical process. The longest period of time I have ever been physically locked up has been just short of 60 days; however, it has now been almost 2 years since I masturbated so I have changed.

    Would I love to have a 100% travel safe device? Absolutely. Do I have stronger desires and find MrsL infinitely more sexy after 2-3 days locked away…HELL YESH! Are we, like you and Axel a better couple because of chastity? I would say yes we are.


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