Saturday in Montreal

Hello from the end of my week (oh yeah, and from Montreal). I am wide awake trying to figure out how to process the last 24 hours or so, as they were a grouping of my favorite combination of hours in a long while for many different reasons.

As I think I have mentioned, professionally, the last six days have been just insane having been the eight cities in six days all in an effort to wrap up one specific project before the holidays. The driving factors in all of this craziness were that, at the end, I would wind up at home with Ax the whole week of Thanksgiving AND that my travel happened to end in Montreal where I could spend a day with my favorite Canadian, Mrs. Steelwerks, and her husband, Chris, my what-feels-like-a-brother-now friend who happens to design the best chastity cages on the planet. What I didn’t know when I announced to him that he was going to get to see me was that this weekend was somewhat of a kink fest at the Steelwerk‘s shoppe because he was being visited by three amazingly beautiful, yet very different, professionally kinky women (linked to here, here, and here); one client who knows them all and has his own kink history that rivals many a porn site I have visited; and one other man who flew here from Australia (unknowingly walking into Kinky SW Weekend 2016) to be measured for a cage who just happened to have followed Thumper for years and then me back when the blog and boyfriend status started two years ago. It was a lot to process for me, the kinky simpleton, but the crazy processing was worth it as it has been one of those experiences where everyone involved forever touched my life in a few ways that they likely didn’t realize.

I honestly don’t know where to start, so l think I will go with what I know best which would be, well, my penis:

Yep, today was the measuring and designing of the new Creature Cage that Steelwerks is building me to replace the Axel as well as conversation about the third device he is making me for use when I am traveling. That device is a surprise from him to me and not ready to be revealed yet, s0 I will talk about the creature which we have designed to be a bit shorter with a sharper downward curve than the current cage. Since my issue with the one I have now is boiling down to what, I think, is an allergy to stainless steel, this one will be all titanium and will fix those itchy issues I have had thus far. As I have said in the past, the professionalism and meticulous design that Steelwerks insists upon when at this stage of development (as well as all stages) is what makes this experience such a thing of beauty. I often found myself wishing there was a documentary of this very personal process because so many people deserve to experience the feeling it brings and to see wearable art being created for use on their own body.

But, that is subject that we will talk about ad nauseam in the future, so let’s get to the ladies and the potential loss of some of my double gold star shimmer.

For those new here, I am a rare double gold star gay. That means, that I was born via a cesarean section way back when and have never physically been with a woman, so, essentially, I have never been in or out of a vagina. This, at least in my mind, enables me to wear the DGSG title with pride. In fact, until today I had never actually seen lady parts in person nor had any lady seen all my parts outside of a hospital either. This was something Thumper had been preparing me for during all of our Lady Part Lessons from the past – you know, a side benefit of having a bisexual boyfriend, and is also something worthy of its own post this week, but I add this to explain that, until this weekend, I had never once talked about my kinks, my fantasies, or anything remotely similar in front of women nor had I ever heard them do the same. I mean, I have had plenty of female friends in life, but when the sexual side of things come up, I have always just shied away because I was uncomfortable with that great unknown. I always blamed the cotillion classes (that great Southern tradition where people pretend that they don’t poop while teaching kids what fork to use when) I endured as a child as to why I was uncomfortable with this talk but now I realize that was just me doing what I like to do best which is hiding from that which is not my norm. This fact cold cocked me this afternoon and life, once again, threw me a lesson telling me that all people are sexual beings and that we should be celebrating these things more and more while I was, ironically, holding and playing with a new series of vagina clamps that Steelwerks had just designed and delivered – a definite first for me.

This realization started over Friday night dinner and continued through the day today and, while I can’t tell you that there was anything specific that triggered it, I found myself watching this group of people and in awe of their comfortableness with themselves and their fetishes. I was a weirdly quiet lurker and was just proud to have been included with them while, once again, reflecting on this blog and how much my life changed the day I “volunteered” to first fuck Thumper.

While I will get to specifics of each dynamic and interaction throughout the next week, I am reaching the “too long” spot and will end now and will pick this up throughout the week. Happy Sunday.


  1. Yes, looking forward to the first pictures. However… my wife and I were looking at titanium rings and the salesperson talked us out of them: if something happened to the finger the ring was on and it swelled up, there’s no way to cut the ring off. Amputating the finger was the only option. I’m sure that Chris has thought this through, but be sure you know all the facts.


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