Friday morning I woke up, looked at the Twitter and saw that Molly’s Daily Kiss had just released the 2016 Top 100 Sex Blogger list. Being number 18 last year thrilled me and when I looked to open the list to see if I had made any place in the top 100, I then got a tweet from Molly herself telling me that I was number five! (and, fyi, my Australian girlfriend Ferns is number 1. Va Va Va Voom for her. I am sure it was the post where she kissed me that took her to the top spot)


Number fucking five. I was thrilled and immediately started channeling Sally Field in my head with the “they like me, they really, really like me” moments which was then followed by the urge to call my mother just like in high school when I snagged that nifty top beta club award (don’t be jealous, peeps – #BETACLUBNERDSFOREVER). This thought made me laugh because, can you just imagine calling your parents to tell them you had just won an honor as a sex blogger? It was an “awwwwww” moment in my head because I did realize, yet again, I am a true Momma’s boy through and through and then laughed because, since my Mom has Alzheimer’s (yeah, we haven’t talked about that here since the diagnosis), I MIGHT have been able to tell her depending on the med cycle, but anyhoo, what a thrill that was and is. I am actually going to see her in a bit and who knows, I might actually tell her.

The number five spot preoccupied my mind Friday morning which was a morning where I had to terminate a millennial who “didn’t agree that there should be start times at work” which was then followed by a presentation to 45 people about something stupid. While doing that I smiled in my head and laughed because of all the things I consider myself to be, a sex blogger is not one of them even despite the fact there are picture of my penis on here and all over Twitter and my exploits with my husband and kinda sorta boyfriend/fuck buddy/kinky friend/anal slut friend (damn, it was easier when we just said bf). However, that is what I am and, fuck, does that make me feel good!!

So, to Molly, my official thanks again and to all of you, thank you for the kind words and for following my ramblings about life, love and work that sometimes get mixed with sex, chastity, and my forever quest to one day be comfortable naked.

And, finally, cheers to Ferns, Thumper, Mrs. Fever and all the others who work so hard at their incredible blogs!


  1. Congrats!

    Isn’t it annoying when you feel you cannot share part of your life with muggles? I understand how you wanted to tell your mother about your achievement.
    I hope in our lifetime it becomes to be more acceptable to be kinky. The world has come quite far with accepting LGBT in the last 20 years. Lets hope it keeps progressing in the direction we want.


  2. Congratulations.
    Why can’t you just say, “bf?” You know that Thumper’s descriptions are going to get more deep and will evolve as he has more revelations about himself – see today’s post – so you’re allowed to abbreviate, and your followers will be able to figure it out.

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  3. Very very proud of my husband for this honor. The rest of the world is getting a peak into that warped kinky brain of his that I love so much.


  4. Have to say so well deserved and congratulations. With all the things that go on in this crazy world it is good sometimes to take that moment and enjoy! And do not do what you always seem to do and say… how do I get to number 3 or even 2. ENJOY 🙂


      1. Ha! Well a feature of this Top 100 is that once you make number one, you are never again included on the list (ouch: so harsh!). They want to make room for new bloggers and avoid having the same ones turning up in the top spots over and over, so once you make #1, they drop you like a hot potato.

        So there’s no ‘overtaking’: #1 spot is mine forEVAR now! Because obviously I’m the best and no-one is better than me *bows out with a flourish*… 😛



  5. Hooray, Drew! I know what you mean about sharing good news with the parents. If/ when I am given Master leathers, I would totally want to tell mom. It’s a bug accomplishment and the wonderful thing about moms is that they love seeing that flush of joy on us.

    Keep up the good work, Drew!


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