Caging the Whale

Today’s post is brought to you by a giant penis. A giant penis that, this week, perilously tried to escape its steel through extra blood flow, pure resistance, and an affinity for cold. However, through a bit of magic and bit of politics, I was able to render control and said penis is currently locked away where it belongs.

While I would be stretching the truth if I didn’t say I wish my own penis was that size, this particular one belongs to my friend, alco, and I was entrusted by him, his husband, and Chris from Steelwerks to deliver and install his new Tiffany cage. While I loved this thought and knew it was an honor, there was a part of me that was a bit nervous as well because it’s an expensive piece of metal to just go gallivanting about the country with and, two, installing on someone else is not anything I have done before as I often have enough issues on just myself.

So, a bit on alco, one, he’s a gorgeous guy mentally and physically. He has been with his husband over 20 years and, while they are open to him exploring his submissive side by playing with guys in bondage, etc, they are not sexually open as far as overt acts, though there is understanding about the touching when needed as that just has to happen if one is to engage even in the fringe kink. Alco has been self locked for years and was most recently in a Steelheart, like Thumper’s – his chastity hero – for the last few years. His husband is open to chastity, but just doesn’t enforce it, so alco relies on friends like me and a few others to remind him of his place from time to time. He had always had a fantasy about having a cage locked on him without his choice, so when his cage was ready, we concocted this plan where the finished cage would be shipped to me and we would meet in New York (he lives close and I was working there) for his installation. He did not want to see the finished product beforehand, so we agreed that I would not show him and Chris would not tweet the picture of it as he often does when finishing a piece. Finally, I had been thinking about the best way to do this and decided he would not get to touch or see it during the installation process, so I stopped at Lowes and got some heavy duty zip ties and he was instructed to bring the thickest hood he had (and a pair of scissors).

(note: I am unable to post the pics that go with this post on WordPress, so please click this link to see. Warning: very NSFW)

So, fast forward a few weeks and the day arrived. I had some work plans in NYC so I was able to get there and get a nice room but, when I walked in, I realized it was tiny and there were not a lot of bondage options, so I decided that when he arrived I would lock him in the large shower and then be all set for icing him down if needed or more. When he arrived, he came in, stripped as instructed and waited for me to decide where to put him. He was plugged as also instructed (no real reason aside that I like it) and locked in his Steelheart. Now, alco is a tiny man, maybe 5’8 and maybe 140 pounds, so I tower over him in height, width and strength. I loved that fact and quickly enveloped him from behind and walked him into the shower where I backed him up against the stability bar and proceeded to use the ties to secure his hands behind his back and to the bar. He was now locked in place and mine, though I needed to first go install my own Steelwerks cage (I’m not wearing it as much these days) and I wanted him to stew a little bit.

So, after a bit, I walked into the shower, used his Steelheart key and popped the cage off of him as well as his ring and PA. What greeted me was a monster of a penis that was rather shocking but very visually appealing and, I have to say, it was happy to see me. I had suspected that we would have trouble getting him flaccid enough to be able to install the cage, but this was going to be real work and, apparently, he was also enjoying himself even though he could not move or see. So, I iced. I used so much ice I had so I had to go out of the room and get another bucket full (though it was right across the hall and I didn’t shut the door) while dumping the remainder in the floor for him to stand on. He hated the ice. HATED it, but apparently, that hate also fueled a fantasy because the boy was harder than ever. I decided to heat him up and turned on the water as hot as it could be (big shower, it didn’t touch him), shut the door and let him heat for awhile. When done, that helped and he was soft enough that I could install the ring and the cuff, though it was now 200 degrees in there and I was a mess. All was looking good until I grabbed his dick and, well, my damn magic touch worked again, and, in the words of Ashford and Simpson, he was solid as a rock.

So, then:

We talked about vaginas. Nope.

We talked about women having babies. Nah.

We talked about dead puppies. Nada.

We talked about naked old women. More (I think he has a secret fetish).

We talked about something I can’t share that is disgusting. Nope.

And, then, FINALLY, after what seemed like hours, I found the absolute magic phrase that I am sure has caused many an erection to wither and die:

“What do you think about Donald Trump’s presidency?”

I kid you not, that boy’s erection died within seconds and I was able to swoop in and put the cage on and lock it before he even had realized what I had done.

I cut him off the bar and walked him, still hooded and hands behind his back, to the office chair where we video’d his reactions. I first cut his hands loose and let him feel his new penis. He was giggling he loved it so much. I let him explore a bit and then, also filmed me saying “take your hood off” and I had the pleasure of watching his reaction to what is still encasing him days later without a single removal. It was a weird combination of hot and sweet that makes it hard to describe.

For me, this was not a sex event and, even though I did take my pants off to take a few pics with him ( I mean, when in Rome) it was a very Daddy like feeling for me as I got great pleasure in helping him get a new dick and then in installing it on him.

It’s one of those things I doubt I will get to repeat in life, but my open to kink streak now has one more check mark.


  1. So, so hot. And yes, alco is a beautiful man with a very nice penis. Ahem.

    I think this is the only instance I can think of where Cheeto Hitler’s impending reign was a good thing. *snort*


  2. Hey Boss Drew! Wow! I feel so lucky and proud to have my own post! To say our visit together was something I’ve been looking forward to for a while is an understatement. It was SO much fun (well, not the ice)! I am over the moon with my new steel penis. It’s a fantasy come true. Talk about a way to kick off the holidays the right way! I’m so grateful and happy to know you. Thank you, your alco.


  3. Wow! What a beautiful story of an amazing fantasy. Alco, you’re one lucky dude.
    Who’s got the keys?
    Drew, looking forward to a good story about your NYE adventures with the Steelwerx family.


  4. So Trump is good for something! I loved reading this. Lucky man that he has friends like you to do this for him. Just lovely


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