Lucite Locking

A few weeks back I told you that Chris, from Steelwerks Extreme, was tired of hearing me whine about the tiny screws when I had to take my Axel cage  (a cage renamed because I hate the idea of having anything named Tiffany, the actual cage name, surrounding my penis) at the airport so he said he would create something I could wear 24/7 when traveling and that it would be a surprise for me when Axel and I visited Montreal at New Year’s.

Well, the surprise part didn’t last that long, but, as promised, he has created the first ever all plastic device made by Steelwerks and helped Axel lock it on me over the weekend. The device is very simple, in theory, but as you look closer, you can see the head and collar were sized just for me and, unlike previous plastic devices I have held in the past, the edges are like beveled glass and perfectly smooth.

(Tumblr link to NSFW pictures)

Specifically, the cage (which has yet to be named but is based on a much more expensive all titanium version of the SW Schandmaske) is made of a thick lucite, technically a class of methyl methacrylate ester polymers that produce a shatterproof alternative to glass, that has been hand molded in two pieces – the head, which is sized accurately and the collar, which is tapered in a way that requires a bit of lube and a push to get in and a very significant tug to get out. These two pieces are bonded together to form one phallic shaped design that covers about 81.7% of my dick. On the underside, there are slots for ventilation and one longer slot that is used for the hollow 2ga barbell that is fitted through my PA and locked with one of the patented Steelwerks s-screws. When this is fitted, there is no way to take it off without a key and, as the size of my dick changes, so does the fit of the device.

In about four days of wearing it, I have to admit that 95% of the time I forget it’s there. It’s incredibly lightweight, fits in my pants quite well, and has stopped all attempts at self pleasure as it feels like I have a glass dick when I try to grab a feel. It’s a different feel from  the devices I have worn and it’s a feel that, so far, I am very much enjoying. Also, as a plus, I have been through airport security and US customs already (both metal detector and scanner) with nary a worry as there is nothing aside from the PA jewelry that will show.

While this is a device that will only fit a select few pierced chaste comrades, the good news is that Steelwerks has decided to carry this as their first “ready made” custom cage for those who travel, want something different, or for those whose balls may need a break from a ring for a day or two but who do not want to break a locked period. While not made of metal, all the things that made Steelwerks so special are still in this design as it is custom cut, molded, and designed for the individual who orders it – not just a shelved imported item.

As I wear this more I will continue to keep some updates and, well, a picture or two here and there but so far it’s amazing!

Now, did I mention I also got my first latex catsuit on this trip too? Next time.


  1. I was also wondering about how you got to 81.7%.
    And I am impressed that you spelled out the name of the compound which the device is made of.

    Congrats to Chris as well for inventing it!!


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