Inaugural Funk

Warning: Least sexy post ever ahead.

I am in an inaugural funk. I suspect I am not alone in this at all because so much is just up in the air right now politically, but I have this weird, embedded sense of fear that that I liken to that little cloud that flies over Pigpen (from Peanuts) constantly. I frankly don’t know if I have ever cared this much about a Presidential election because, in the past, even if my side didn’t win, I could find something to make peace with but this year has stupefied my glass half full side. I am trying hard to open my mind so don’t take this as a full rant, but just know it’s going to take time and some changes before I can do that. That said, history has its eyes on us though and what we do as individuals will make differences, so I am determined to put my big boy jock on and move on with what I can do to make change.

Aside from that, guess who is home for, get this, 12 whole nights? I had a client cancel at the last minute last week which in November would really anger me but in January I don’t really mind at all, so it’s been a good few days thus far continuing my purging of files, unneeded electronics, chargers with nothing to charge, and just the junk drawers in general. As I said earlier, for Axel and I, there is an odd correlation that we will only play our best when everything is in its place and the closets are not packed, so this week the work continues. I decided that our bedroom was not sexy or cool in the slightest – I believe “bland utilitarian” might have been the words to describe it – so this week, while he is at work (and while I am supposed to be), I am bringing sexy back with new furniture, paint, and some nice linens. It’s funny because he and I have never been the type of gays that decorate like we live in a catalog and, our bedroom, while clean and nice, was just where we slept with bright walls and deep wood trim (127 year old house – the millwork is amazing), so now I am going “gay-goth” with three gray walls, one deeply dark eggplant wall behind the bed, a saddle brown couch and cool new nightstands that hang on the wall. This week IKEA loves me! I am thinking about embedding some anchors into the wall where eye hooks can be installed and uninstalled easily, but have yet to figure out the best way to do that while concealing them for the muggles who may be in there one day. I’m crafty though, so never fear.

Okay, okay, before I start discussing craft projects I think it’s time to stop the madness. I know this may be the unsexiest post ever, but I have more for later that is back on topic.Stay tuned.



  1. It is a very sexy post!

    Just remember, a dark colour like deep purple needs to be done evenly, it will show patches. I had a similar colour in my bedroom and my professional decorator was not happy as it is more difficult to get the finish right.

    I also once had red walls in my bedroom, and if you know anything about chakras, this influences your red chakra and consequently your sex drive. It was fun. (My friend was once recommended to wear red knickers to help in that direction).

    As for the eyelet fixings, just go ahead. Paint on it, no-one will see it.
    Go to a good DIY store, you will find something suitable.
    Have you ever listened to an early episode of the No Safe Word show where they discuss everyday items one can use for kink? They made 2 shows out of it, they had so many ideas! And many items where found in a hardware shop.

    Enjoy your days at home!


  2. Deeply upset here too, we’ve gotta remember we are not alone. As Ben Franklin said, we must hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately.

    I’m straight but shopping for a big rainbow flag to put on My house, I’m giving the local gay bar My business, staying tight with all My gay and trans friends who are even more fearful than I am, and already have an ITMFA sign in My window.

    Nobody ever won a battle from the fetal position. Fired Up!

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