Anonymous Asses

Last week, Thumper posted about the training he and I have been doing together to one day expand his ass to take a fist (well, one day being next week actually). It was a great post and one that, I thought, provided a lot of insight into where he and I are friendship wise and, even more so, on what it takes to accept one’s status as an “ass whore” or another name that I affectionately call him that is not for publication.

The point, or one of the points, of the post, I thought, was about the trust factor that it’s taken between the two of us and the time and patience we have both had in the process. Yes, yes, there was some emotional mumbo jumbo mixed in there too, but overall the take away, for me, was the mind over matter part that Thumper has had to overcome in order to take giant things in his rectum while enjoying it.

I expected a few comments on it and there are a few strings between him and someone else that are, well, cute, but what I didn’t expect was the “outpouring”(well, 7) of guys who also wanted me to train their asses to take a fist or to stay plugged all the time, etc. First, I have a day job and have enough trouble flipping my phone fast enough in public when Thumper’s shiny junk pops up, but, more specifically, with the exception of one I plan to push, we don’t know each other – why would you want a complete stranger taking you on a path that is so personal? or, is it the fact that I would be a stranger something that is the driving factor?

I am not judging the guys who asked this at all,  but I am now officially saying no. The exception to this would be alco, you know, the boy whose cock I locked in the shower?, but he and I have lots of talking to do first. I realize that many many people are driven by the anonymity of the internet and the like for sexual encounters and that is a huge thing. For me, while my mind has been broadly opened the last few years, the need to know someone’s mother’s maiden name before seeing them naked is not anything I think will change for me. But, who knows.



  1. Boss, I can’t describe how thrilled and honored I am. I can’t wait to make you proud. I am so excited to go on this ass-stretching journey with you. Can’t wait for big and BIGGER toys! …and maybe even fists!


  2. Oh honey, you have hot pictures up, and you talk about hot things on the internet. That’s MORE than enough for those guys who just want someone (anyone… you, YES YOU STRANGER WHO I DON’T KNOW) to participate in their wanking fantasies.

    Multiply the 7 by about a gazillionty and you are looking at pretty much every woman’s inbox on the internet… :/.


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  3. Taking a fist is truly a screamingly good erotic delight. My Sir punch fists my hole and it’s so redonkulously good I have to just relax into the ecstasy and say to myself “just take it… just take the pleasure” for it feels so incredibly good it’s a real challenge to take!

    For training I find Bad Dragon or Square Peg toys to be great. I trained on them daily.

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