About the boy

Last week I started about seven posts and never finished any of them. It was a birthday week, a busy work week, a Spring Training baseball week, and a week my Mother wound up being in the hospital for days (still in) due to some heart things caused by her deciding to play the role of pharmacist with her pills.

But, it’s a new week and today I am on an adventure. You will remember a few weeks back I met my new friend, Bolt, who I told you I clicked with immediately? Well, today and tomorrow I am going to see him. Yes, in some ways it’s rushed but, considering the fact that he and I will have opposing international travel for about five months, this might be the only chance there is to get to know each other better, eat together, and, well, get naked together. We have talked some serious chastity goals for him as well, but that will be for another post at another time as it’s in the air at the moment and we need some more face to face time to figure out what the reality of that situation is. That said, I have alerted Steelwerks’ Chris to stand by and be ready, welder in hand.

Bolt is a switch like myself, but he leans submissive with me. I think you have to be a true switch to understand that this is possible, but in situations like this, one can be the primary dom but allowing the sub to dom from time to time is a great reward for good behavior. He and I met three weeks ago through Twitter, though it wasn’t anything planned and I am not even sure we had previously held a conversation, but he was traveling through my hometown, on a Sunday, and direct messaged me to say hi and ask if I would be able to meet for a coffee in an effort to expand both of our kinky social networks. So, on a fluke, I was available and Axel was fine with it so I went, though coffee turned into lunch and lunch was followed by a walk and capped by a quick kiss in my truck as he HAD to leave. Yeah, we clicked in a way unexpected to either of us.

He’s tall (6’4′). He’s young (31ish). He’s masculine. He’s handsome. He’s a runner. He’s kinky. He’s into chastity. He’s structured. He’s adorable. He’s into latex. And, more than anything, he’s a good guy with a perverted streak that makes mine look tame and innocent (you know, just like me). He’s working this week and I am planning on doing the same and getting all the paperwork and non billable parts of my job done during the day – the beauty of being able to work anywhere. But, who knows what the evenings hold and there are honestly not that many expectations aside from picking up where we left off and finishing some great conversations and a kiss or seventeen. Oh, and he and I are about the same size, so he’s going to wear my cage while I am there (the Axel) which is something I had never really thought about before, but something, for some reason, I find incredibly hot in about 27 different ways.

So, my flight is boarding and I am off. Hopefully there will be more to write about soon.


  1. “He’s tall (6’4′). He’s young (31ish). He’s masculine. He’s handsome. He’s a runner. He’s kinky. He’s into chastity. He’s structured. He’s adorable. He’s into latex. And, more than anything, he’s a good guy…”

    I WANT ONE! He’s got a straight twin, right? Bring him to Aus for me mmkay?



  2. So, a question for you. How can your supposed morals stand up to the fact that you are now cheating on Axel AND Thumper? I know you say Axel is fine with this somehow but it seems wrong to do that to your boyfriend to. No wonder Thumper doesn’t acknowledge you now. Poor guy.


    1. It isn’t cheating when both people agree to the deal. It looks like cheating to you, because you’re inserting your expectations onto their agreement. If you don’t agree with the deal they have agreed – which they upholding with integrity btw – the better choice would be remain silent and forego criticising people you don’t understand.


  3. Yo, GIRL! What gives you the right to think you can stand in judgement of other people? If you’re not ordained in a recognized church, you have no right to judge anybody else’s love or sexual repertoire. Period. An even better choice would be to stop reading this blog if you’re so offended. There are too many others out there that you’d be happier reading.


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