The Boy Agreement

So, more about that boy?

I have been quiet since my trip to see him for multiple personal reasons and, the biggest, is that he and I have been working out an agreement to what the future might hold. In theory, we formed a “relationship agreement”, which, if you think about it would be ideal in so many vanilla friendships; however, this one specifically applies to a Sir/boy dynamic, a chastity mentorship, and various small things that we both agreed to in order to stay consistent and grow with each other over the course of time that this agreement is in place. Details will follow, but I mentioned this early to set the major tone of this post.

As you know, our meeting was pretty happenstance. I was meeting this random dude who knew I liked Steelwerks and who thought he would say hello since we were close that particular day. We met and we clicked. Period. I remember thinking that this is the kind of boy that I would one day want to collar and, at some point in the conversation, he said something along those same lines about wanting to be collared by someone like me, but those sentences blended into a mix of discussions about our switchiness, our mutual experiences in chastity, and how I am at a stage in life where my Daddy-side is emerging as rapidly as the gray hair in my beard. This kid made me swoon in a not-really-romantic-yet-some-romantic-sexy-wanna-take-care-of him fashion. Apparently, he felt the same way (though probably without nearly as many hyphens) and, two weeks later we have a signed agreement (that doesn’t have an end date) and, he has a clasped band around his wrist that serves as the collar. This will be glued shut tomorrow rendering it non-removable without destroying it, so the symbolism is huge.

My two nights with him were great. We made great use of a sleepsack, a straightjacket, a few hoods, some clamps, and I, somewhat ceremoniously, locked him in my Axel cage for two days and left with him locked in my Steelheart. He has his own Steelwerks cage, very similar to mine, arriving this week (there are advantages to having a best friend who makes cages) and when that is in place, he will be locking significantly more under my direction. In fact, we are building to a year locked which has been a fantasy of his (and mine) for many years.The funny thing is during those two nights we didn’t have sex, per se. Yes, there was some oral action and lots of naked togetherness and, as much as I wanted to fuck him, I know those times will come down the road. For me, this was about taking control from him, and, at the end, allowing him an orgasm in a way meant to be very special as it’s the last he will be having with me for many months. I wanted to watch and be allowing that from a vantage point versus just “fucking it out of him.” That said, I am so tempted to call the Skymiles line and get on a plane and go fuck him now, but Axel would likely not approve, especially because I have to go to Canada for five days starting tomorrow, and I am sure Bolt has other things going on that would inhibit him from just dropping it all too. But, alas, a Sir and boy can dream, huh?

Distance will not really be an issue later, though it is funny that he is almost the exact same mileage from me as Thumper is. Right now, it’s all about distance because I leave for a month in Australia next weekend and, while I am gone, his work is sending him to Japan for six months. So, while those things do indeed suck, the great news is that technology will make daily communication easier and, because of my super weird life, I have gotten really used to my world being filled with electronic relationships – a plus and a minus but something best saved for a future post.

The agreement is something that will remain private between us, but essentially it calls for him to have regular communications through specific measures and to not use his dick without permission. When his Steelwerks arrives, he will have about a week to get used to it before entering into the first of our two major agreements which will be 100 days locked which should take him somewhere to the middle of July without an orgasm. As of right now, I am investigating flying to Japan for day 101 and then, after that, he has some serious training to do for a few triathlons and races before entering into the already signed agreement of one full year without an allowed orgasm starting around November or so. My side of the agreement is to protect, encourage, mentor, and help him grow as a man and a boy and, oh yeah, to run one of his smaller races with him before the one year locking period starts. So, fat me needs to get moving.

He is going to reply to this post with a comment or two, so welcome him, but, as part of this experience, he is going to write a series of posts about the reality of getting what he asked for starting with the arrival of the Steelwerks next week. Those will be guest posted on here so you can all follow Bolt on his journey.

Oh yeah, one more note, in the last post I had a lovely comment about me cheating on both my husband and Thumper and, I just had to laugh it off. Axel, the husband for those of you new to this, is THRILLED and has already sent Bolt a small “welcome to the family” gift. Thumper is not a factor and, though he and I have not really talked this week, I know he is just as excited for me and this will not have any bearing on what he and I do. And, you know what, there may even be more boys in the near future, as there is a beta for Bolt we have our eyes on. It’s all fun!

Finally, to Bolt, I am very happy how things have transpired and look forward to this journey with you.


  1. Well, it’s been a whirlwind adventure so far, somehow we just instantly clicked and wanted a lot of the same things. It’s kind of surreal, being collared is something I’ve always wanted but it just never seemed to happen, then I meet someone amazing and almost instantaneously… Click!
    Congratulations you’ve gotten exactly what you asked for.

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    1. Dear Bolt:

      Very glad to meet you and look forward to your adventures too. I have never met Drew but always wondered what it was about him that makes people trust him to such an extent. May I ask, how do your friends feel about this? They happy for you and the adventure? Will they support Drew?

      So happy for you!!


      1. My friends are quite excited for both the mentor and the long term challenge. Most are excited to make it harder for me, and are happy I found something amazing.

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    2. Bolt, what a lucky boy! I wish you lots of luck in this adventure and know that you are in good hands. I know from experience what a great guy Drew is, but getting him to run is going to likely be harder than any chastity frustration you will experience. Don’t let us down, boy bolt. VERY happy for you and now really want to ask you out on a date.


    3. Wow. Bolt, I am jealous and thrilled for you. I once went 19 months and and three weeks locked and was a better man during and am afterwards too. My advice is for you to have constant communication with your keyholder, especially when you are really happy or when you are really frustrated. He needs to help guide you. My KH is 7,000km’s away from me, but with Skype once or twice a day it worked really well.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing this (and for taking care of Drew from your side too)


    4. Bolt, I never thought you would reply to me and I feel honored. I m glad your friends are on board and I wish you nothing but the best with the lockup. Can I ask one thing? Are ouy controlled outside of your orgasm?


  2. Well, if it is right for you, it happens!
    From my limited experience, the best relationships develop when you least expect to meet someone.
    Look forward to read Bolt ‘ side.


  3. I am happy for both of you. Drew, I am certain you will mentor and guide Bolt wonderfully. Bolt, welcome to chastity.


  4. Dear Bolt, a question for you directly. Do you see or fear romantic attachments when in a boy role to a Sir like Drew? I used to believe that there could not be, but I’ve now changed my mind, FOR MYSELF, in my own boy dynamic as I have a deep attachment to Sir that gets stronger everyday. I know Drew has written about the fact he think there has to be facets of that, but do you? I guess I’m asking you is this or can this be transactional or are you okay with some romantic feelings too?


    1. I should qualify this with the fact this is my first comment and I do not know Bolt or Drew or Thumper, but of course there are going to be “feelings”. This boy is about to give his dick to Drew for a long time and, based on that alone, I suspect he probably already has “feelings” and Drew would have to as well as this is not a task for the timid.

      The question I have for Brett is why should they fear romantic attachments? I personally hope they have them because people need them even outside of marriages. Drew can certainly handle that and I don’t think he would have chosen Bolt had he been worried.

      Open, solid feelings is how they will get through this.

      Question to Bolt: How are you going to get that man to run? He’s complained about running for two years here.

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      1. Hi Drew. This is for Bolt. I just wanted to say welcome and, fuck, I am jealous. I know you are going to write about this later, but I want to know why you chose now and why Drew? I ask because there is someone who wants to lock me, and I just have a bad feeling sometimes. You two both implied instant chemistry. I can’t fathom that but am happy for you.


      2. Brett, there has to be a connection and I don’t fear any feelings I’ll develop for Drew.
        I’m certain I can get him to run, I’ve motivated a few guys to run with me and it’s always a pleasure.


  5. I love hearing about this journey. It’s great to hear a little from both sides of the key. I am so jealous, but I can’t decide which one of you I’m more jealous of! Keep up the posting, we want to hear all the details!


    1. Bolt,

      That is amazing to hear. I see so many boys afraid of emotion or who will get to this stage and run. You sound like an old soul who is committed and will do what he says, emotions included.

      Still feel good?


  6. A couple of thoughts…

    I’m very excited for everyone involved. Any notion that Drew is “cheating” on me is absurd. I’m a piece on the side, not a partner. Axel is OK with it so fucking full speed ahead, I say. And any time Drew spends being a Dom to some other boy is experience he can potentially use someday topping me, so yay to that, too. Finally, alll I’ve been able to think about is being the only locked bottom in a room with two or three unlocked, minimally switchy cocks. The more the merrier. As long as I’m always at the bottom (figuratively and literally), I can only imagine a fun time. And now I’m imagining a guy who hasn’t come in six months using me for a whole day and…uh…what were we talking about again?


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