The Dating Husband

A fucking flight delay.

I worked hard this week to wrap up early, paid a fortune to change a ticket to get home early, and now I have a flight delay. Three and a half hours to be specific, which is why this one is called a fucking delay versus just a regular one.

Anyway, it’s giving me time to balance out a bit because the next twenty four hours at home are going to be crazy since I have two birthday parties, tons of laundry, and a multitude of things to plan and pack before going down under until Easter, much less making sure I talk to multiple people I care about voice to voice in case I wind up on that island from Lost. As much as I love it there, I am dreading it, because my OCD kicks into high alert and I feel like I am missing out of every single thing that is happening at home, even if I wasn’t actually supposed to have been part of it anyway. But, I know how to control that and am really not THAT worried, just aware.

While the last few posts have focused on Bolt and my impending control of his cock (not his mind, not his dating, not his life, maybe his jockstraps though – dear commenters), I have completely ignored the fact that over the last several weeks Axel has started “dating” a few boys here and there himself. His experiences have not go as great as mine have for multiple reasons I suspect, one being the fact that he is a fucking therapist and sometimes can make someone feel pretty deep as they suddenly find themselves all introspective while they are supposed to be enjoying a nice meal and, to be honest, he’s not that great at flirting.  Yes, he grew up in the South and should have learned this trade, but he didn’t and it tends to sound silly or just awkwardly contrived. I think that is turning boys off kinda fast, BUT, soon one will fall for it and they will do what they need to do. I mean, I did.

That said, the point of this was not about how he’s doing it, it’s about what he’s doing. I am fucking proud as I can be that he started looking for someone who might help him deal with life while I am away and I am happy for him when he thinks he has found a substantial prospect. That said, that kind of laying myself of the line like that is not really something I enjoy emotionally, though I have obviously done it. He’s stronger with rejection and can just file it into some file in his mind that will one day make him get  weapon and go to the streets or just process slowly as he gets older and even more wise.

His dating is important to me because it cleared up any lingering doubt I might have had at some point in my brain about doing things with Thumper and now with Bolt. Plus, this is signifying a healthier place with him and his recovery where he is ready to go out and do so.

Finally, while we are speaking of the Axman, I told him yesterday that if he’s having all the kinky thoughts he’s told me he has, then “man up” and show me (I was nicer about it than that). As things progress with me and my Dom side, there is not a single thing in my mind that stops me from subbing to him if he wants that, so I decided to simply remind him that at our ages, we should start because we need some flexibility within our muscles!

He reacted well and with one text said “oh good, be ready to be locked alongside Bolt awhile”.

So, we shall see.

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  1. See, your flight delay was useful, I think this is a very nice post.

    I hope you got everything sorted and have a nice time on the other side!


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