Hello from the Australian Capital Territory. I have been absent from here for too long, but am now five days into a 23 day trip and, although I am homesick as fuck, I am keenly aware of the fact that I have been given this opportunity to work here, with a few days off in the middle, and do not want to sound petty by simply being “homesick”.

Since the last post, things have settled down, the kink drop has lifted, and life, aside from being 10,576 miles from home, is feeling normal again. The boy, Bolt, continues to impress me with his dedication to his rules which are building to his fully locked status and Axel and I are gelling in ways we have not in a long time.

In fact, as a follow up to the kink drop, that down period served as this amazing opportunity for me to reconnect with him and discuss what I was feeling, what he was feeling, and how we could (and would) take the fact that I have a strong attraction to another man – a younger hot man – and use that to make us better while also continuing to explore the attraction I have for growing the control of the boy over the next one to two years.

In the immediate glow of that conversation, a few things happened.

One, he established a relationship with Bolt that is very much still on the surface of anything right now, but they do text each other at times, etc and that has, in my mind, made the idea of whatever easier and established this absolute verification of trust and agreeability that, while we didn’t need, did make me smile a bit.

Two, Axel’s dom side roared with this as he, apparently, liked the idea of his submissive controlling another submissive a bit more than he/we expected. The immediate response to this was that I will be locked a majority of the same time Bolt is, as that excited Axel (and me) (and Bolt). What this means for me and him down the road as his dominance reemerges will surely be the subject for another post in the future, but for now, I am absolutely satisfied that it started the way it did.

Three, whether it was the impending trip, which certainly played a role, or all this isn’t clear, nor does it matter, but in the few days before my departure we were in our 20’s again. We touched more. We cuddled more. We fucked more. We listened more. We planned more. And, probably more important than anything else, we paid more attention and realized the more of what we are building is a good thing and that it will only serve for more of what works as we face the next nineteen years together.

Then, I flew away.

Fuck the timing of things including Bolt’s six months away, but, in the scheme of things, I would rather be away literally dreaming of the things and actions that will take place when I get home versus being home without that or, worse, being away and not wanting to come back.

Finally, I am off for a weekend with one of my friends I met through here, I think we called him plugboy back then, but now I will just call him my friend. We are planning a very secluded weekend of quiet with lots of conversation and maybe a cuddle or two, but there are no expectations other than to celebrate the fact that kink and conversation can lead many places,

Happy weekend.

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