This weekend I had a great time with a friend who I met through this blog about 18 months ago who just happens to live on this southern side of the world. He and I hit it off in a weird way through text and, for almost the last year, I think we have likely texted each other daily – at a minimum – as sometimes we may have texted like 13 year old girls every waking hour of the day. Though we had never met in person, our relationship became instantly tight and we each have served as the other’s therapist on multiple, multiple times. There were times I wanted to get in a plane and fly 33 hours just to give him a hug because I knew he was hurting but I did what I could from afar. On the other side of it, I think there were times he would have done anything to help me as well, though just listening was great. It was an odd manifestation of a relationship as two grown men became so tight, but, in many ways, that is one of the things I find so amazing about being gay because we can do that if we want to and there is no threat to anyone’s masculinity or more.

So, I used to call him an unflattering name on here that started with plug and ended with boy, but, for the rest of eternity we are going to call him Mack.

For the record:

Mack is a pervert.

Mack likes his dick locked up.

Mack likes his nipples abused.

Mack likes things in his ass.

Mack likes to be bound.

Also, Mack is in the process of a divorce/breakup the fact that his ex and he had very different views of the kink, it caused some stress or a lack of understanding at times. However, while this was not the entire reason the breakup happened, there was a sharp line between them about the kink and, specifically chastity, that caused friction and didn’t help the overall relationship when things started to take a dive.

Whether he knew it or not at the time, this breakup and that friction was something that was hard on me in a way, because some of the issues he had were exactly what Axel and I had gone through at almost the same point in our marriage as they were. No, it did not directly affect me or Axel, but seeing the pain he went through gave me that “fuck, it could have been me for the exact same reason” feeling and it both made me happy that it wasn’t, but also made me just wonder or re-evaluate how my part had evolved, whether I was wrong in my Mack advice, etc, etc. But, the time was near that we would meet and I would see for myself.

We met in person last Friday and, like any rational set of strangers, embarked on a 72 hour journey into the bush to be together in a one bedroom cabin with no other people around at all. While it was always a gamble whether in person we would click, I honestly had no worries about it and from about 12 seconds after he got in the car, we clicked and did not stop clicking. No, for your perverts out there, we did not have sex, but we did naked cuddle a lot and we are gonna do that again next week when I see him again (or Wednesday night if I can convince him he needs to come up and take me to a bar that I am too chicken to go to alone), though I should qualify that he was never really naked-naked, as he was always in a holytrainer or in my Steelwerks cage.

But, as we talked, walked, and drank lots of wine, the thought hit me that he was such a good guy that, in my opinion, he deserved something different than what he had. I wanted to do what I could to help him find a dominant key holding man who would sweep him up in his muscular arms and keep him in a chaste bliss forever – while also maintaining a certain standard of living, of course while also showing him that his kinks are just part of the great guy he is. I have no idea how to really do that, but I thought I would give it a go in that 2005 way of writing.

So, please feel free to cut and paste the below and send it to anyone who you think might be worthy of this guy.

Kinky GWM seeking key holder. 41, 5’10, in shape, very professional, masculine, well spoken, owner of the best ass in the country (as stated by Drew), well traveled, athletic, educated seeks dominant male who is professional, demanding, and man enough to own his kink and own mine. This man should be ready to hold the key to my cage and willing to take me on a journey like no other. I am loyal, obedient, and look great in a collar. My friends, especially new ones, are better people because they know me and I strive hard to be “that guy” who is there when they need me. I am very kinky and have a great credit limit so I come with a lot of the Mr. S store pre-purchased but am more than willing to buy more. Oh, should you want it unlocked  my dick is another story as to itself as it was recently described as both pretty and excessive. Want to own me? Then tell me why you are worthy (Drew must approve too).



    1. Really? I look at the straight kink community and I’m always wondering “why can’t we just be like that!”

      Sorry I’m no use, though… I’ll try harder next time!

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  1. Drew:

    I am not sure whether to believe you that this guy exists. He sounds perfect in many ways.

    I have to ask, or maybe Mack, how do these friendships work? I mean, you were penpals with this guy and just invited him away for a weekend? I think that is great and the naked cuddles sound good, but what is it about you that people gravitate to because I want to be like that.

    Mack, nice to meet you and glad to have you as another character.



    1. LOL I’m not sure if I’m perfect – in fact, I’m pretty sure I’m far from it!

      As for how the friendships work? I guess no different than any other – Drew and I ended up iMessaging probably most days for the past 18 months (we had to go back through message history to learn when it began) – and many aspects, the friendship developed because we had a whole bunch of things in common in life, like crazy business travel, a love of airport (those kinda go together), and a love for anything with an Apple logo on it. But of course it was that there was a reality that we could talk to each other and not hide who we really were to each other that allowed us to click.

      And thank you – glad to be a new character in this never ending story. 🙂


      1. Thank you, Mack. It is so nice to hear from you and from your perspective on things. I like that you clicked like that. Neither of you should have to hide who you are.

        So, Mack, our prime opportunity, tell us about Drew? I always picture him with giant hands and a deep voice. Right or wrong?


  2. FUUUUUUUUCK Me. I want THIS guy.

    Mack, hang in there and know that there ARE men out there, like me, fyi, who can own both of our kinks


  3. Drew, always, ALWAYS love your posts…you lead a very exciting life, with many interesting characters. Love what you wrote about Mack…another big smile on my face! I hope he finds his permanent keyholder/mate.


      1. Living so far away, wouldn’t be fair to either of us! Plus, I have a keyholder when I’m caged (on break for a while)


  4. Oh the stories I could tell you all about Mack, but can personally vouch for what Drew has put so well in the advert.

    See you this week Drew!


    1. Oh, another person who gets to meet Drew and knows Mack? Damn, I am jealous. I have had a HUGE crush on Mack all week since this post and am trying to figure a way to meet him.

      With that, I want you guys to talk about Drew. We never get the inside stuff like how he feels and sounds 🙂


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