Jetlag and Mack pimping.

Hello from Eastern Canada. I can’t really fathom the fact that I am now here versus where I was last week, but such is my job. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I am wide awake. I have had an Ambien and half another pill and even with those, here I am. Tomorrow will be hell because it’s me and a bunch of one to one meetings in a warm, windowless room with people I can’t really even pretend to love. Argh.

Anyway, last week on my last night in Australia I wrote a post that, I think, may be one of my favorites I have written. I say that because of the content, my feelings, and the place where it came from because I felt, and still feel, changed for the good because of my Aussie friends. Returning to the US was tough, though. This trip it was awful because, for whatever reason, the jet lag hit me about fourteen hours after I arrived and it felt like I had been hit my a big truck -twice. For me, jet lag is unpredictable as there are times I travel and have none or only have varying degrees of it. Also unpredictable is the format for me as it can range from just being mild physical tiredness to a wild swing of exhaustion wrapped in emotion. Unfortunately, the last few days have been like that for me and I have been a weird mix of horny, menopausal, mean, sad, angry, and sentimental all wrapped into a package that just did not want to leave the house for two solid days.

The funny thing about this is that, even though I expected that this weird swing could still be a possibility, Axel and I had set the stage for some BDSM evolution in our home upon my return and I was damn well going to come through with that challenge/promise, despite the jet lag. In a rarity for me, I didn’t want the props and sweet leathery smelling gear, I just wanted him. And, him I got. Literally. It was satisfying in a primal way and sweet in others, but it didn’t fix my mood – though it did temporarily help.

This is not anything bad, it’s just a side effect of life in the air.

On a plus note, I have enjoyed the comments on the post above immensely as Mack has become quite the playboy of the commenters here and through direct chat with me. I am encouraging him to change all of his online profile titles to Mack and reference back to these posts cause, if some of these men find him in RL, he will be bound, gagged, and locked wicked fast and, since I know he’d like that, I certainly want to help, right? I mean, what kind of BFF would I be otherwise if I didn’t help facilitate this match?**

** Certain restriction apply. Applicant must meet minimum match standards in height, looks, personality, and kink and be subject to Drew’s approval. Age limits do apply on a state my state basis. Chastity is not optional and applicant must provide intent to lock. Certain restrictions apply to types of wine, music, and travel preferences allowed. See dealer for warranty information. Offer is not valid with multiple boys, unless they are hot, but slightly less so than Mack. Applicant will not be allowed to share status match credits as there are limits to any relationship. For more information, please leave a comment and Mack or Drew will return your query within 5-7 business days.


  1. Okay, this was my favorite line:

    “Offer is not valid with multiple boys, unless they are hot, but slightly less so than Mack.”

    I have to wonder if Mack knew what he was getting into when he met you. I mean that in a good way, of course. Now, I wonder if he knew what he’d do without you.

    Mack, say hi from time to time and let us know if you get your warranty voided.


  2. Fuck me, I don’t care if Mack won’t share status credits or that certain restrictions apply, I still have a crush on him (well, both of you really) (that’s not new)

    Mack, I have plenty of miles and a cage waiting (intent to lock – check)


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