Getting What You Ask For – by guest writer, Bolt.

Hi all. Drew here. As you all have heard, I have a boy who we call Bolt. He’s at the start of a planned 100 day lockup – temporarily on the otherwise of the world – and decided to write a bit about how it feels. 

So, introducing Bolt, a guest writer here:

Getting what you ask for:

People often wish for things but how often do they get what they ask for?

They hope for things both big and small; such as win the lotto, make this light, land the perfect job, get the partner of their dreams, etc. For years I’ve wanted the same as many in the BDSM community have wanted, a good Dom to help achieve my goals. And, with this wish, I’ve gotten exactly what I asked for (and more).
I’ve always wanted a few things: someone to consistently submit to, a long term lock up (one year specifically), a good fitting comfortable chastity device, and to continue to expand my kink horizons. In this endeavor I have gotten all of that. Already.

Here’s the background on how this happened:
I met Drew by dumb luck. I was on a road trip and passing through his city, recognized his profile from twitter, and asked if he was interested in grabbing lunch to chat. We agreed to meet at a restaurant downtown for a late lunch, 1pm as I recall, and I set off from my family’s home in the neighboring state. As I set off on my journey, I planned for my normal drive time plus a buffer between locations since it’s a route I drive a few times a year, but this day there were unforeseen delays that made me quite nervous about making our meeting on time. Once on the road I learned there was a long back up on the highway from an accident, so off to the side roads I went to try and keep to my schedule, but alas this still ate into all my buffer time. Driving along Drew is ribbing me about picking me up from the top of the bridge naked over the apex of mighty Mississippi River. The entire drive I’m worried about being late and I end up not having time to stop for gas, but right on time I’m able to pull into downtown, on fumes, and find the closest parking spot to our lunch meeting. Frantically, I park the car and rush to the restaurant to find Drew relaxing in a booth waiting on me with his big cheesy smile he tends to give when he sees something he wants.
After a few minutes of chit chat and ordering lunch we get down to the meat and potatoes of our meeting, kink. Instantly, we hit it off and seemed to both want the same things. We are both switches, but I’m wanting to explore my sub side more while Drew wants to flex his Dom side. On all fronts we seemed to click including vanilla, kink, roles, and goals. We ended our lunch date excited to chat more, uncertain of what had actually just occurred.
Over the next few weeks we continued to get to know each other and explore our interests and it quickly became  apparent that we needed to hangout again, so Drew scheduled a trip to come to my home.
A few weeks later, Drew shows up for us to really get to know each other, there is good conversation, food, bondage, and of course chastity. It became pretty apparent that Drew wanted to collar me and I didn’t argue. He left town with me locked in chastity, a collar around my neck, and a plan for our rules of engagement for our soon to be Sir/Boy agreement. The next steps all fell into place so quickly, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. In the week ahead, we hashed out the details, made it all official, started working on protocols, and set a start date for a “warm up” lock up of 100 days, which brings us to today.
After settling in on a long work trip and healing from gauging up my Prince Albert, I have started my 100 day lock up. We’re one week into it, so I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about my experience so far.
Easily the hardest part of the agreement for me. I’m terrible at keeping the lines of communication open and sticking to a regiment, so of course it’s one of Drew’s requirements. Protocols have been good though and I’m keeping up with them pretty well despite the fact that I’m now on the other side of the world for a few months.
Dom/Boy dynamic:
It’s been wonderful having each other to lean on while we both travel and explore our dynamic. Thankfully, we’re both reasonable because we have crazy schedules and some days it’s hard to talk. I can tell Drew is proud of me and it’s a great feeling. I’ve never been collared before and the mentorship is wonderful. Drew is constantly pushing himself to be kinkier since I’m a little more advanced on that front and I gladly help push him. I look forward to pupping out at his house and just generally being a good chastity boy for him in the future.

The easiest subject to talk about.
My steelwerks device is easily the most comfortable device I’ve ever worn, it’s great wearing it, and  I get more used to it. I’m already thinking it won’t take long until I’ll feel weird if I’m not locked. So far being locked hasn’t been too bad. As it’s only been two weeks without an orgasm, so I think the worst is yet to come. I’ve only woken up once at night due to erections and the daytime ones aren’t awful either, though you definitely know the instant you think about getting horny.

Overall, been great so far and I look forward to the coming months of lock up. Stay tuned for further updates.

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