Check In from the Other Side of the World

WARNING: Nothing sexy in this post.IMG_0269.jpg

Hi. Remember me? It’s been forever but I have just stepped away from the public side of kink and chastity to just do life and adjust to the new job and all the things that go with increased travel.

So, with that, hello from Tasmania (pic above) where I am sitting on a couch next to my friend Mack, who you all know from previous posts, having one final glass of wine capping off a day of day drinking. I am not typically one to do that, but as Axel said to me tonight via text, “I love that you are with Mack because he’s social and he makes you better by making you do things”. So, as usual he is right and he and I continue what I think is one of the most special, intimate, yet non sexual friendships I have ever had, with Chris from Steelwerks being a close second only because he doesn’t live in the hemisphere where I am now (I mean, both see my penis regularly and that’s not something most friends I have get to do, you know?).

This trip is 27 days long which is insanity and not something I will do again. The funny part is Thumper is just a few countries away from me for about 29 days himself and we will both get back to the US around the same time. He and I have texted almost every day on this side of the globe and, whether he knows it or not, I fully intend to hone my Dom skills with him when we are both over the jet lag. At the right moment, I think he will be okay with this.

As for Axel, he is gearing up hi Dom side and I could not be happier. He now has a non sexual service sub at home that is really helping him grow. The sub is probably one of the most natural slaves I have ever met because he just gets off on being of service and, selfishly, I love it because our house has never been more clean. Also, there is a benefit to this as well because Ax is getting much more comfortable in his sexual skin and, from the tone of the texts I am getting, I am going to really benefit from this when I get home and he and I escape to an island for six days immediately following my return.

And, for the boy Bolt, he is on assignment on this side of the world too for four more months. He and I talk as much as possible, but he has very little predictable free time so it doesn’t work as often as we wish. He is nearing 70 days into his 100 days and I could not be more proud of his sexy ass.

So, with that brief update, it’s bedtime in this hemisphere, but I thought I would at least check in and say I am alive. I am getting used to this new part of work life and the sex drive is increasing daily, which will mean I will be back soon!




  1. I know practically nothing about Tasmania, but from the photo it looks quite lovely in a blue-sky, water-y way. So I hope you are able to enjoy the scenery while you are there. (And by “enjoy the scenery,” I don’t mean “stare at the gorgeous men.” Though yes, please, do that too.)

    Also, I now picture Mack as a Tasmanian Devil, Saturday-morning-cartoon style, and my imagination just had an enjoyable romp picturing what day drinking would be like with such an animal. 😉


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