The Men.

So, part two of the New Axel post, though it will deserve its own name when I am done with it. In the previous installment I said:

This installment of thoughts has to do with me and Axel and our changing, for the good, dynamic, my friendships with Mack and Jeep and the truly good things that come from them, and professional worries as I am now in the very active stages of the new job which basically means I have a certain period to prove myself and I am now right smack dab in the middle of it, and the fact that I miss both Thumper and Bolt, though I continue to talk with both almost daily.

In writing the first post, I decided it would be better to split them because, while they all effect the other, they are, indeed, truly different dynamics.

First, I think I want to officially say that I miss Thumper and Bolt. I haven’t given either much press lately, though the rabbit does do his own PR, but I am looking very forward to having a few meals with him, beating his ass, and/or just letting him drive me around and tell me cool news stories and shit that he pays attention to better than anyone. While we both were on the other side of the world together, a quick lunch was not an option, so our next get together should be great and I will be attempting to schedule it soon.

Also on the other side of the world is Bolt, who is steadily remaining chaste as his 100 days are drawing near. I would like to be there for that orgasm, but I think we will have to rely on Skype or something similar for that – do you think anyone has ever created a video of such a thing? Ha. He’s been good though and I am looking so forward to having him come hang out with me and Ax while we do all sorts of fun things to him and his metal dick and just to him being a regular part of our day to day again, as we both miss that.

Now, the bulk of this post is about Mack and Jeep.

While it wasn’t mentioned so much here, there was a plan in place where Jeep was going to actively be called our Sir in a very structured manner. What I think we have all determined is that while a structure is not going to work per se, due to Mack’s singleness (come on Sirs, the personal ad for him is still active – he’s adorbs) and my other side of the world-ness, Jeep will always be called Sir by both of us and always play a key role in whatever we do and who we do it with. Mack knows him much better than me, but I am getting there and this man deserves the Sir title and it’s very nice to know that wherever in the world I am, he will be a video call away as a shoulder or disciplinarian if needed.

While Mack and I were friends before both calling Jeep Sir (fyi, he had already done that for years and introduced us), I believe the concept that we could both be brothers in that new family dynamic has created a bond with him that I have honestly never experienced with another person, even Ax. I am not saying we are closer than me and Ax, just different as I have many of the same emotional feels for him in many ways, but not the complete sexual feels (though they could be called on if ever requested – who knows what Sir will do or random bar boys might request) or the nesting need to make a house or home with him. Axel described this as a “polyamorous relationship where two participants have not met” and, I think it’s pretty damn close to a good description. He’s VERY happy about it and loves that I have someone in the world in addition to him that I can 100% count on, and the fact that Mack can do the same and, his therapist side talking, he thinks it’s a great thing that guys can say things like “I love you” when parting or as an odd icebreaker at randomly attended dinner parties. I find it just a general comfort to know that there is this person out there that, because of this blog, will have my back and I his forever despite who we may fuck or even love in addition one day.

Now, most people would likely argue that term for this, but fuck em all. I dig it so it works – ha.

Wrapping this up, to Mack, Jeep, Bolt and Thumper (and of course, Ax) – you men make me better now and will in the future, kinks and all – well, especially the kinks part.


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  1. People in the kink community are amazing, and hopefully open and accepting of all kind of lifestyles. The vanilla people really can learn a lot. Why should we share all of our live with just one person, when other people can contribute and enhance our lives and existing relationships? One truly can love several people at once.

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