Badder Ass Self – Inked Edition

So, it’s me. I’m not even going to pretend that I will ever better about writing as it is what it is. Life in the air really feels like life in the air these days because nothing is solid. But, I have taken off this week which means I will only work about 25 percent of the time, so all in all the break will be good.

Anyway, speaking of the air, hello from the 26,000 feet. I am somewhere in north Michigan or crossing into Canada (I’m looking for that big black divider line that’s on the maps out the window) and I am in my favorite seat, 1A, heading to Montreal to see the Steelwerks family and my friend Mack from Australia who is in the States visiting family. Mack is being fitted for a cage at SW which is always fun to watch, but the big news is that I am here to have the small tattoo I have on my back expanded and reworked. If you are familiar with Chris from SW, you know he has two, three, or ninety seven tattoos all over himself, so when it came time to mark me, I asked him to a referral and help with a design. So, we made an appointment with the artist who he exclusively works with months ago and tomorrow is the big day.

I am a bit nervous, well, let’s just say my type a side is freaking out, because I have not seen a draft of the design. I described what I wanted to the artist via text and he’s coming up with a concept that, I assume, we will go through together tomorrow when we arrive (Mack is going with me as apparently Chris has to make cages for soon to be limited penises). It’s likely I will never show this up close to anyone picture wise on the blog because this one is deeply personal and will contain identifying information for me and those I love, including Axel, Thumper, and Mack. Basically I asked for a series of letters and numbers that will be connected inside a diagram of a plane and each of these will Mark things like my anniversary, my wedding, the start of this blog and the assumption of the Dual Drew identity and the initials of four people that forever changed my life. Yes, yes, I know that one should never have names or initials placed on their body, but this is discrete (it’s not like I will have THUMPER drafted down my inner forearm) (yet), but the intention behind this is that when I am old and in a home, the hot hot young boy I have paid to care for me might ask “what does DD or DT stand for?” and, hopefully, that will flood my memory with the happy thoughts of my forties when I finally found most of myself. Again, I am looking very forward to seeing this and designing the final product, but I just hope it’s not a unicorn with a bunny riding it spreading glitter-cause I so don’t want to copy what’s already on Mack’s leg.

The kink world has been up and down. Ax and I have had good, nasty, perverted episodes and we have had sweet moments laying on the couch watching Game of Thrones with nary an erection in sight. But that’s both life and another story as this one is still about my bad ass metal dicked self getting even more ink to be a badder ass (for those new, I cling to this tiny side of me when I am giving yet another presentation in a gray Brooks Brothers suit and boring, yet stylish, tie).

Have a great week and if I run from the artist, start weeping, or cause a scene with my badder bad ass self, I will make sure Mack logs in to give you the embarrassing details.


  1. Completely random-ish, but I spent nine years as a road warrior and 1A was my favorite seat too. Noone in front of you, lots of leg room (usually), first to have drink and meal orders taken, no tray tables blocking you in, and a view ta boot!


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