Trusting Muggles

If you are like me, you have your muggle side and your very dirty fun perverted non muggle side. While, occasionally these two may cross paths, the majority of your life is spent in one or other other world. In my case, I have new muggle friends who came from the perverted side and, after thorough vetting and lots of conversations in advance, these people are now part of my general life including muggle Facebook, muggle Instagram, corporate announcements, and wonderfully muggly pictures of Axel, Stella, my Mom and more showing up every time they log in because I am a social media whore (though nothing like Thumper cause who has the time?).

In arriving at that status with me, these people did not apply, they did not sign confidentiality agreements, nor did they have to pass a test of any kind. They were and are simply people where there was a mutual connection, mutual trust, and a desire to be part of the bigger life which, in many ways, has made my journey so complete. Knowing that these doctors, lawyers, and mechanics who, by day, do boring things, and by night, do all sorts of fun fetish things with some even hoping they will actually be allowed to touch their penis this year, make me a better person, all around. As I said, the trust is mutual too as I didn’t have to do anything to have them reciprocate with their muggleness either.

All of this is wonderful, though, until it isn’t and I thought I would write this as just a general reminder to everyone who is entrusted with the vanilla, that you have a responsibility to always, and I mean, always, keep your end of the bargain. The case in point comes from one of my kink friends who, last week, posted a picture of his wife and her new car on his muggle Facebook innocently showing how happy she was and how beautiful the two of them (her and the car) were together. Like most posts by him, it was popular and his kids commented about riding in it, her coworkers pretended to be jealous, and most people liked it simply being happy for them. It was a great post until his one non muggle friend, who was clearly not thinking, made a comment akin to “dude, that whole you being a cuck is really working out for her. You may never get your dick uncaged again”. Yep, he did it and apparently went on about his day as if he wasn’t the biggest douche bag in the world while my friend and his wife raced to see who could get to a keyboard faster in an effort to delete the post, unfriend him, and wait to see who or what may have seen it in the interim. That exchange led to a very terse series of phone calls that afternoon and, while no apparent real damage was done, that sense of trust was violated and he has made it more tough for all new non muggles who follow for them and, frankly, me as well.

I get the fact that the dude wasn’t thinking for a few minutes. I mean, I am the guy that once posted a picture of my Steelheart, luckily empty, on my own Facebook page before calling Thumper in a panic, from a meeting, a few minutes later promising all kinds of sexual favors if he would log in and delete that for me. It’s going to happen to all of us in some way or another so I would advise creating an emergency plan now – mine is Thumper has my passwords because I trust him and know he would be fast enough (Axel, in a panic, would forget how to even sign on) to help me in that embarrassing spot and/or be prepared for the reality of the situation.

So, all that to say, a reminder that if you are a trusted muggle, never forget the responsibility you have and, if you are going to betray that trust, with me especially, do it in a grand style cause it will certainly be the last time.


  1. Good shout out to all the muggles and kinksters too.

    While this in this case the offender was way offsides, accidents do happen too. The difference is, an accident should undisputedly look like an accident to all involved.


  2. OMG can you just imagine my Bible Belt family’s reaction to that on my Facebook?! Good way to point out how easy the wrong statement can throw someone else’s life into a panic!!!


  3. I work hard to remember, myself, when I am on my muggle Twitter vs my kinky twitter. I haven’t got brave enough yet to have any crossover. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for reminding us all.

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  4. Holy hell. Not only is that obnoxious, it’s scary as hell, especially for someone like me who has trust issues anyway. My experience with crossovers has been mixed. Some have been awesome additions to my real life friends, both in person and virtually. Others, not so much and I regret exposing myself.

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