Kink Intervention

I always thought that at some point in my life I would be the subject of an intervention. I figured it would be because I had developed some weird obsession with a substance, a person or an object, but never did I think I needed to be intervened based on something I wasn’t doing.

See, the week started out okay which was nice because over the last few weeks I have been to China, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, and on both coasts of the US. It was fascinating in some senses as I got a private tour of the Great Wall of China and ate all kinds of interesting things, much to my trainer’s dismay (I cancelled this week so he won’t see though so all is okay). But, in all that, I got tired and distracted and put my job above everything else in my life, Axel, friends, kink and Bolt and Thumper who may not even recognize me next time I see me.

Earlier this week; however, I had a work assignment for three days in Montreal, birthplace of my metal peni (I have a few so I think that is the plural) and so that meant that I got to spend time with Steelwerk’s Chris and his amazing bride, Mrs. Steelwerks. We had some great times, great talks and, as evening one wrapped, he said “Dude, make time for me for lunch tomorrow. I’m paying“. Well, I was able to move things around and make lunch happen and for him to volunteer to pay, I thought something was up, but decided not to worry too much.

The next morning I did my work thing, stopped be the Steelwerks shop where I made a bet that I was probably one of the first to wear a business suit and tie while sitting in that amazing antique barber/dentist chair. He gathered his things and we set out on a walk to find pizza, my favorite food ever. After we placed our orders, he turned to me as said, “Duuuuuuuude, we need to talk. You have lost your kink and we have to get you back on track“. Now, while Thumper and I still have a few things that we do here and there we don’t discuss, he was right and it hit me immediately, though it also hit me how loud he was talking, which was funny to everyone but me. Anyway, he proceeded to say “you work too much, you don’t have any fun, and you are not wearing any of the amazing things you have to keep your dick from getting hard. Don’t be wasting the Steelwerks, dude”. He was, of course, right and I had zero excuses that didn’t include the W word.

While I would like to tell you that then cancelled my whole day while he texted a beautifully built, 6’5, blond haired former underwear model turned Master to immediately come lock me into a sleep sack and ship me off to a dungeon, he didn’t and I didn’t cancel my day either. But, what we did do was discuss why I was not wearing the cages and what I would need to make sure I did since I have such a weird life, what impacted that, and how he could design something that fit all the things I was looking for in a chastity device. This was the right tactic because, when I have one on, I feel that kink vibe whether I am working or playing, but it’s there, so that always charges me up.

We went back to the shop and I fell absolutely in love with a new device he has been making for a few select clients that takes the beautiful shape of the Crucible and blends it with the practicality of the Shandmaske which then creates the “CrucMaske 2.0 Limited Edition from Steelwerks” which he lovingly engraves on the underside of every penis. It’s beautiful and, by the way, not really called that. I think he calls it the Crucible 2 while I will likely call mine Axel 2.0 because I will be selling Axel as a way to help make this happen.

Pictures of this device are as follows, but it’s basically like creating a titanium skin for your dick and locking it down through the PA. While rumor has it straight and/or curious men can fuck women with it, they certainly will not be able to seal the deal, making it even more so frustrating. Of course, the good news is they can drink that frustration off in an airport bar and this is 100% TSA safe and goes through both scanners like a charm. However, making it is complicated and fun and it starts with a semi-custom 3D printed mold of the cage which is also delivered with it for those times when you just want a black dick, cause that’s the only color he has which I suspect is really just for the jokes. Mine fit amazingly well and after wearing it a bit I succumbed and placed the order for a near Christmas delivery.

In the pictures you will see the final device as it should look (as worn by whoever now owns it) and a 3D model,


which I am wearing some though not long term as it’s not the bio resin that is officially supposed to be used against skin. It’s perfectly fine and likely very close to the 3D devices, you will see I was just planning ahead for my pants and love the sneaky look of it!

So, with that, I accepted his intervention and will be back and hope to be as strong as ever. Maybe.



  1. “This was the right tactic because, when I have one on, I feel that kink vibe whether I am working or playing, but it’s there, so that always charges me up.”

    First, I totally get that. Even when we’re not playing, I’ll sometimes put on one of the cages just to get a little rush.

    I’ve seen some early pics of this cage. I like it – I like that it’s not overly industrial looking, which is my only complaint about many of the other cages. But it seems like it’s only a PA fixtured device. Did they mention if they have plans for anything else?


  2. I am in love with that guy :).

    I hear ‘yes, but work’ ALL THE TIME from men who let everything else in their lives go.

    I always say that if (god forbid) something were to happen, there is not a single person on this earth who will be on their death bed going ‘If only I’d spent more time at work…’

    Go get your kink on with all the boys :).



  3. I was in Montreal recently for work with my boss. I so desperately wanted to go visit Chris but could not escape. We were on the wrong side of town and worked from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. the two days we were there. I fully plan on a trip back up there this summer to make a purchase…and this new device just moved to the front of the list. Titanium!!!


  4. I read too fast and thought you were going to sell Axel(husband) and not The Axel. I thought: wow, this MUST be a SPECIAL one if you even consider selling your partner for this! How is life at home anyway? Still naked and collared?
    Hope you get some time to enjoy your kink over the holidays.

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