Goodbye 2017 and Christmas with Mom

As I write, Axel and I are saying good bye to 2017 with a big pot of soup, homemade bread, Netflix, and lots of blankets as, even down south, today is struggling to even reach 15 degrees F. I’m thrilled with this lack of activity day because it’s just been one of those years where I feel like I haven’t seen him nearly enough and I have no desire to spend New Year’s Eve with strangers or at someone else’s house.

I have a lot of sexual and kink regrets over the last year and I have made mental resolutions to fix those this year and to even get back to blogging regularly. The regrets are not even worth discussing because they are the same ole same ole ones, but this was a year I needed to spend focusing on the new job, my aging family, and rebuilding some friendships that were in need of attention.

The travel was amazing and, though I can’t specifically mention everywhere I went for work, I did get two bucket list items done with one being able to walk on the Great Wall of China alone. For those who are interested in my geek side, I thought I would share my 2017 travel stats (maybe as an excuse for not many posts).

2017 Flight Stats:

138 flights (26 international, 10 intercontinental, 112 domestic)
31 Airports
10 Airlines
30 Aircraft

9 countries

5 continents

151,275 miles (around the world 6.07 times)

Time in Air: 16 days, 1 hour and 25 minutes

However, as a way of closing out the 2017 blogging season, I thought I would share one more story from my mother that changed the tone of Christmas Day but gives just a bit more insight into where my kinky genes derive.

To set the scene for those of you new to this, my mother is the most amazing woman in the world. Over the last ten years she has gotten more and more free about discussing sex, love and life and would often, in my mind, try to choose the most awkward way to express it. Four years ago when this blog was new, she often commented on me and Thumper in ways that made me think she knew things beyond what she should. Unfortunately, the last 18 months have seen an Alzheimer’s diagnosis and, though it ebbs and flows a bit, we have seen a pretty steady decline in the day to day things.

But, but, Christmas morning she was on a roll. As a family we had gathered for breakfast at her house with me, Ax, sister, sister’s husband, and various other old people. As my parents often keep Stella (my dog), my sister asked my Mom if Stella slept with she and Dad when she was there. I thought it was a rather silly question but my mom answered immediately with “Oh yes, yes, it’s a great little threesome in the bed. You know, like the old days cause your father….” . At this point she was stopped by my 80 year old Dad who had launched himself out of his chair (faster than I had seen in years) toward her saying her name with that “Dear God please fucking stop talking” look on his face.  It was so funny and so classic and one of those moments where I just thanked God that I am part of this family and have lived long enough to watch the WASP’s lose their country club wings. Aside from the immediate texts to Thumper and Mack, the best part of this was watching Axel and my brother in law squirm as they are rarely around when these things get said.

Happy New Year, people. See you soon,


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    I hope (for you) you get to spend more time at home and enjoy your family. (kinky and vanilla).
    Best wishes,


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