The Forever Penis: The Steelwerks Crucible 2.0


As many of you know, I have had my very own, very personalized, very beautiful Steelwerks Crucible 2.0 for a bit over two months. I have tried many times to start a review of the cage like I have my other ones, but something about this cage feels so different and yet so right that it’s been a struggle to find the exact words. This review is less about the stats and less about me saying “you must go buy one now” and more about the mental reaction caused by this creature that makes you stop and think about a few things. Now, Chris would kill me if I didn’t actually mention that you can buy your own that will be based on your own dick, not someone else’s, and then carved from a single block of titanium (ie:no seams to irritate). Plus, breaking news, SW now has a BEAUTIFUL new version that uses the traditional ring versus the piercing so all you non-PA’d guys can have both the security and beautifully shiny crotch that I have too (spoiler alert: I am going to interview the original locked man in that beauty soon).

But back to the cage and my lack of words. I have mentally been thrown since the minute I put the Crucible on as basically, this cage is so good one could wear the rest of his life without needing much of anything or ever orgasming again (it’s sanitary, airport proof, and looks like a penis in pants). THAT is what scared me and made me realize that Axel and I are not ready to even remotely try that level of management. It also made us aware that we just might want to get there but, first, we had to get a few things done and the to-do list just kept growing. Apparently, we are/were not quite ready to be so adult and, most importantly, the levels of stress and clutter in our lives continued to grow despite our best attempts to say we made good attempts. So, while it almost sounds stupid now, this one cage represented something to us that made us want to be better and get our shit together to move into the next life phase, whatever that may be. We made a vow to declutter what we could, adjust our thinking along some kinks, and just be more together when we are together. I would say we vowed to workout more and eat healthy, but you know, we do have limits.

So, over the last few weeks, while in the shadow of the crucible hanging between my legs, we actually started simplifying, just to get ready for a cock cage.  He started by closing a practice/business that was costing us money personally each month, we’ve updated our insurance and wills, we have done the whole big picture financial piece (and got scared and went for pizza), cleaned out about 80% of the drawers and closets at home, updated CV’s, and this last weekend we hired movers to come take away about 12 pieces of furniture we had that we really didn’t like and/or no longer had a need for to take to what will be a family estate sale in a few months.

No, I am not going to be locked in this forever, but I could be. When you put this on it’s amazing in how it really feels like your own dick, just in titanium and just slightly more endowed. It’s so light that you can’t even feel a weight as well which is odd.  In fact, when it comes down to it, I am almost bothered by the comfort of it and have contracted with SW to make me a new locking scrotal cuff that will allow the bottom of my PA to lock into it, thus seriously constructing the freedom the caged penis has without it. I know that sounds odd, but there are times when you want chastity to feel like chastity and when that time is for me, I will have the o ability to click the lock down to the ring and be a bit more managed, shall we say. And, yes, with this cage you can get hard, and while I have admittedly not really tried too hard, orgasm would be tough with this because it’s so slick that there is really nothing to grab nor any feeling when you do.

Bottom line, this is likely one of the most advanced pieces Steelwerks has ever made and is the perfect device for lifestyle lockers as it could be the forever penis many often dream about. For me, I still have a few weekends of cleaning the closets but we are getting closer.



  1. Can you come to my house and de-clutter? I am pretty good at it as I have moved a lot, but now I have had a box with stuff standing here for 5 years. I sorted stuff out when I moved in (5 years ago!).

    Lovely post, applaud to Chris.

    As for some reason there was no option to comment on your last post, I liked that in your dating advert you specified a guy of at least 45 years. I hear a lot about dating ads preferring a younger age, so this, I thought, was refreshing. And I totally understand, at this age one has found themselves, knows what one likes and dis-likes.


    1. Update: My box is nearly empty, I just need to play my records to check they are not totally scratched, so I can decide to give them to a charity (Thrift) shop or dump them.


  2. Wow, we have been considering this device nice to hear the review . Did you order yours with a tight fit on the head while flaccid or did you leave some room ? I currently have a Schandmaske which has some room . I am concerned about night time erections. Your thoughts.


  3. I’m interested in a Crucible 2.0 How much does it cost? Is shipping included? Does Chris send a 3-D laser printer nylon ( to see if it actually fits ) before he makes the actual titanium one? Titanium isn’t cheap! Can’t have mistakes made in the making of the actual titanium…i need to know! Can it be made for a Apadavya piercing?


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