Steelwerks Crucible 2.0 – “The Best of the Best”, Long Term Wear Review


It’s been about three months since I wrote about the Crucible 2.0 and what a wonderful device that it had been in my six or so weeks of ownership. However, at that point I was still struggling for words on how to describe it as it was just the “perfect chastity device”. It’s been about four months since then and I have spent a considerable amount of time locked in it, so I feel like it’s the time to write a follow up, long term review.

Have my feelings changed about it? Yes, but in the unexpected way of going up, because, THIS IS THE PERFECT CHASTITY DEVICE, but only for those who are ready for this. Axel and I are on vacation in Hawaii and I have worn the cage the entire time but, unlike any other cage I have ever worn, including the Schandmaske, I honestly do not even realize it is there until I have to piss or when a troop of hot lifeguards walk as it does it’s job by significantly restricting erections. In fact, over the last few days I have been wearing board shorts and/or running shorts exclusively and, as the rule with both, they are designed to be worn without underwear or a jock (fun fact, locals mock those with a visible underwear band beneath their board shorts). The shape of the Crucible allows it to look like my dick should an outline be seen, so when leaving the pool or the ocean, I just look like a very endowed kind of guy and I really have no issue with that. It’s just becoming part of me, what I suspect is the job of some of the best devices out there.

My question to all though is that if you don’t feel it are you still being controlled? Yes, I know the literal answer is yes for when it is on there are no orgasms, are weirdly shaped erections, and a painful restrictions, but I mean when life is just happening. As I walk down the street without thinking a thing in the world about my penis, is that chastity? Is the fact that this fits in my pants without looking obvious also chastity? Yes, yes, I know the answers to this are yes and, in fact. the answer is that it’s likely the best chastity because a man could be locked forever in this without having to really ever think about it, but the lack of thought, the lack of worry, and the realization that it just is what it is is indeed a bit unsettling. But, I mean this in comparison to the traditional devices that, even when comfortable, you still pretty much know with every movement that it is down there and that someone might hear you rattle a bit. I mean, in that situation, the one with the metal or plastic dick always knows their place, always knows why they are locked, and always knows that they have no choice. This usually means that they will be aroused more often than not, which also increases the awareness of the device encasing their genitals. It’s a double edge sword. But a nice sword as well.

At one level, when one has been locked to the point that it is just part of life, do they still need the above feelings to know their place and/or why they are locked? I contend they don’t and, by that time are ready for a device such as the Crucible 2.0. These are my thoughts based on Thumper, Porsche, and various other people in my life who have metal penises too and who don’t need a great deal of discipline in their life to be submissive to their key holder, so are there more points of view on this? I would suspect that most dominants would have an alternate cage for those times when the discomfort matters (as an fyi, I have asked to have a scrotal cuff designed to lock to my PA for those days when I don’t/Axel doesn’t want that not so free feeling) so that frees up this Crucible for most other times I guess.

So, back to the Crucible 2.0. This cage is awesome in so many ways. It’s shaped just like my own dick, weighs absolutely nothing, and looks really great sticking out of a zipper while standing up to piss at a urinal. Yes, it’s an investment, but when I talk to most of my friends about what they paid for their spouse’s wedding bands, this is generally less than half of that (unless you go for the diamond encrusted Crucible 2.0 – coming soon) and I guarantee you it would get you more attention than a silly ring at any bridal shower anywhere! Steelwerks is now also making this one with a locking cock ring base as well for those of you who are not pierced or who will miss that particular attachment point.


I have said it before, but it’s worth repeating, that the Crucible 2.0 is as close as you can get to your own dick, but without all that personal control so many of us have fucked up at through the years.



  1. what do u think of Schandmaske, compared to Crucible? Like what’s the greatest difference. I really fancy the look of schandmaske


    1. I love my Schandmaske too! it’s just a bit heavier than the Crucible 2.0 but fits and feels great. I just have a bit of a fetish for the cock shaped head on the Crucible! (PS – the schandmaske is also great as the value is much better and the turn around time much faster)


  2. Is it easy to keep clean when wearing for LONG periods?

    I am uncut (and unpierced) so would need a scrotal cuff AND definitely need to know it is ok with a foreskin before I buy.




    1. I have no idea about the uncut and foreskin part as I have never had that to play with, but for cleanliness, it’s fantastic. It’s open enough that you can squirt some body wash right into the holes at the end and around the penis then lather, rinse and repeat.


    1. I will tell you that it is not cheap, but once you see the materials, the craftsmanship, and the fact that it is honestly functioning jewelry, you will understand the cost. That said, I have never quoted what I paid because every single project they create is different enough that the prices always change based on the customer’s needs, the current value of the dollar, and the current price of the titanium which often varies. You can send them an email at and they can certainly give you a ballpark figure.


  3. I have a PA and looking at the Crucible. Is there anything you wish you knew before getting the device that would make the fit better?


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