Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lion,

Lately, I sit a lot on planes and in hotel rooms and think “I should be writing for the blog”. Then I think, “well, I am a tired“, or “there is no sex to speak of lately and nobody wants to read about my mom, my house on fire again, or see my metal dick again“, or, my favorite, “Thumper is not writing much right now so I don’t have to either“, as if that is a real excuse at all.

My guilt, it seems, is often exacerbated two times a day when Lion and Mrs. Lion put out a post around 8am and 4pm almost every single day detailing his submission to her and how it varies in intensity and even desire. In today’s post, Confessions of a Naked Blogger. Lion talks about how he is always naked at home as required and went on to discuss more and more about why they blog, what they get from it, and then how some people have been telling him that Tumblr is where it is at for blogs and the like. I was amused by his additional comment about millennials living in their small screen as they walk, talk, eat and exist. That said, my amusement was mostly because I was reading it while walking on the moving walkway in the Detroit airport carrying a coffee in the left hand and balancing my backpack and phone in my right. I was quite proud of myself at that moment because I was not only acting like a millennial, I was pulling it off.

My first response to this was a bit of jealousy of his comfort being naked at home. Axel wants me to follow this rule, I want to follow this rule, but due to unknown body issues or something deep down inside of myself, I absolutely still hate being naked. I NEED to change this, but really have no desire to spend years in therapy for this when I know I likely have so many other things to use therapy for.

My second thought in reading this was, maybe for the first time, seeing how they use their blog as a way to communicate their needs to each other, albeit with an audience. I do have to admit that there have been times when I think “why would they write about that?” and then realize they are at least writing, but, when you think about it, it’s an impressive fete for any couple to pull off and I want to give them props for doing so. I also enjoy that they follow up on the successes and failures, something I need to do a better job at because I tend to make bold declarations of my new activities, sneeze, and then never think about it again.

However, as a note to Lion and Mrs. Lion, please don’t move to Tumblr (I know it’s likely not a huge worry) as it’s actually nice to read these accounts in public (most times) and please keep going. As one of the few who blogs about male/male Dom and sub, I find I learn a ton by FLR blogs (oddly not so much from MLR ones) that can apply to my life as well.

Speaking of my life, it’s still going at 100mph most days and living in two hemispheres is proving hard, but incredibly valuable as well. Ax and I are excited as we are in the qualifying process for a new slave who wants to serve us both and there will be more on this in the future, but I am giving it time as this one feels really right.

And, listening to myself above, my chastity vow of a month ago fell flat and I don’t think anything, or anyone, has been on my dick since that date due to a period of incredible stress with my friend with the addiction (now in a 3 month rehab program) and a sense of jet lag that I have had some issues shaking.

But, as a summary, here’s to you Mr. and Mrs. Lion. Keep it up and know that even in the weirdest of blogs, someone gets something from it.



  1. Dear Drew,
    Yup body dysmorphia sucks and I know no amount of outside feedback can change the internal workings of our own minds. It’s real and I struggle with it as well

    BUT even though I’ve only ever seen those thighs (woof), isolated other parts and your secured cock as well as a face shot behind hat and dummies…as one chaste dysmorph to another… it’s all in your head. You, my friend, have NO need for clothes around the house from how I see things. 😎


  2. Dear Drew,

    I always love seeing the notification of a new post, but do not put yourself under pressure to have to write something. (personally, I like to read updates about your mom).


  3. Thank you so much for your kind words. I admit that it is sometimes difficult to sit down and write. I’m delighted that you are a regular reader. Over the years, our communication has been fun and has helped me. I think that love and power exchanges are not dependent on the gender of the partners. We share the same challenges and joys.

    I am happy to count you as a friend.



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