Welcome to DualDrew 2.0

Welcome to the newly revised Dual Drew 2.0.

It’s been exactly four years since I started this blog and, although I enjoyed it immensely, it’s gotten stale and it’s time to shake things up a bit. Starting with a slightly new look and feel, I decided that it was time to refresh the content of this a bit and move forward from the basic premise of this started in 2014.

However, before I do that, I have a bunch of new readers who have asked questions about the origin, why I started this and what I wanted to get out of it, so, in my plan to go forward, I will go backwards. So, here we go:

It started with my continual reading of one of my favorite blogs, Denying Thumper, that focused on this man who presented himself as a sexy as fuck, slightly more than a curious bisexual, and completely locked in a chastity device by his wife for many years. The information I obtained from that blog changed many things about how I thought about chastity and control and I would wait eagerly for a new post. Then, one day in October 2014, Thumper posted about his wife saying he would be allowed to be fucked my another man as long as that man didn’t see or play with his penis unlocked. Well, that intrigued me and, despite my growing interest in being locked myself and with the permission of my husband, I raised my hand and sent him a message volunteering my penis as his personal dildo. I don’t think I ever expected him to respond, but when he did, we clicked on multiple levels and developed a fast friendship with benefits that consummated on Halloween 2014 after what seemed like 160 hours of talk, text and video messaging. I had always thought it would be weird not touching his dick or even seeing it for that matter, but a combination of factors including the control his wife held, his conviction to staying locked and enjoyment from being “just a hole”, and my personal       non-attraction to tiny dicks was all I needed to make me want to just hurt his balls and never see that small thing outside of its steel prison.

Following that day, he sent me a note and asked me if I would be interested in writing a few things about the day which I, of course, jumped on. In hindsight, I am not sure he knew I was a writer and I think he thought I was going to write a paragraph using words like “hot”, “sexy”,  and “fuck “, but I wrote a piece very similar to this blog, he published it in DT, a few people liked it, and the Drew Duality was born.

Since I had never expected to be discussed sexually and to write a blog about my dick, I had allowed Thumper to call me Drew, my actual name, in his posts so we didn’t really think about hiding it better when this started. The Dual part of it, however, likely describes me better than my actual name because I am somewhat two sided on most things in my life as in I am a strict sadist who craves dominating submissive men, though I often find myself jealous of them when they are at their weakest wishing my husband would take me there like I did them. I am an Executive Senior Vice President and Managing Director by day but would love to be on a leash at night making no decisions. I hate to swim but love the water, etc, etc, etc. Seriously, this list could go on for days about how one side of myself will contradict with the other.

The blog started immediately and went full stop until this year when I ran out of stories that I wanted to discuss publicly (a key phrase) as that created a big rift with me and Thump a few years back and, frankly, ran out of time as my work now has me working six months a year in the Southern Hemisphere building a new business in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Singapore. That said, even at my busiest, I missed blogging and missed the interactions it allowed me to have with others like me, who I have found ultimately grounded me and made me proud of my kink side, a pride I have been missing. In rebuilding this blog, I am also trying to rebuild friendships made from this (Hapa, I am coming for you soon) and am thrilled that next week I get to see Thumper for two days as its been nearly 19 months since we have seen each other in person. That seems odd, but we kinda are bonded to each other in ways, so it didn’t feel wrong, but just long.

Now, for those who asked, that is the back story of nearly four years worth of sexual and regular dribble about my life. It’s there if you want to read it, but starting from here is good too. During those years I developed a fetish and a friendship with Steelwerks and to this day there is not a day that goes by without something of theirs attached to or on my body. More on that as this moves forward.

But, to the present day, some updates for the loyalists and some new skinny for those who are not. First, Axel, my husband, is really growing in his dominance and kinky side and he now controls more of me than we each ever thought he would. We will both fully admit that it’s not the ultimate place we want to be, but it’s a HUGE step from where we were and he has asked me to write more about my submissive side moving forward, something I rarely did in the past because Thumper did not like reading that and my dominance was dependent on, in my head, mostly, my ability to appear “dominant” at most times.

Second, there’s Rex.

Rex is a new name on this blog, but for the last six months or so he has worn my collar, carried Axel’s plug everyday, has not had a single orgasm, and has performed perfectly in ways that only a truly wired 100 percent sub or slave is wired to obey. It’s been eye opening for me as to how he just adapted to the role he had wanted immediately and has not looked back as he gets a daily schedule from Ax of sexual service ideas and a second from me that has very specific financial and exercise instructions that he had not failed at even once. The issue is, of course, he’s on the other side of the world from our home, but where I am every other month, so there is plenty of 1:1 time that will last until his trial visit to our home this winter. He loves to clean, loves to organize, and I have about two weeks worth projects for him by day so he can serve me before becoming Axel’s toy each night. Should that work, we may be adopting an Aussie slave in 2020, so when that happens you will be the second to know (my Mom being first, lol). Now, history taught me a lesson and this may be the last time you hear about him for awhile as we are keeping this low and quiet, though any submissive side of me will now be shaped by his as well.

Finally, over the next few weeks I will have new pictures, new stories of me and my ass, some dick stories, and general musings about power exchanges that I crave, love, or think are odd. There also may be some guest posts so if you are interested in any of the above and want a venue, please let me know. It’s evolving in my head as I type, so let’s go on the 2.0 ride together again and I promise a more active time.



  1. I really enjoy your writing and I have much the same interests as you, I have many high end chastity belts/devices but have never owned a Steelwerks device and I love hearing from people who own them, Keep up the good work.


  2. Looking forward to Dual Drew 2.0! I must say I have definitely missed your updates!

    Hope your Mom is doing well!


  3. Yes! Glad you’re back and wiling to let us look in on your life. Give your Mom a hug for me too.
    Now, exercising my latent Dom fantasies, this command: Thou Shalt Not let Apple Speller make you look like a bad writer, Thou Shall Proofread all of thy writings! Otherwise Spankings will be meted out. (No clue yet how that’s gonna happen…)


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