Hairy, Masculine Hands

In my last post I questioned whether masculinity and submission can go hairy, masculine hand in hairy, masculine hand together and got a few very interesting replies. I have some very specific responses for a few of those and will likely address them in a separate post later this week. I was really happy that a lot of these came from first time posters as that showed me some life in the blog, but all the advice wrapped together pretty much boiled down to the fact that I was being pretty unrealistic in assuming submissiveness weakened the soul of a man and that I would be a fool not to take this opportunity that my husband has presented. 

Like I said, there will be a more in depth conversation about these later in the week, but I do have to share my favorite response from a “long time reader” from Twitter.

Drew, I have read your blog for many years and think you might be able to gain some insight from another excellent blogger. Check out when you have a chance. B.

Well,  while I appreciated the advice, it did make me laugh, though it also made me think Thumper was at play or that might be the perfect way for all of us to reply to people now.

Anyway, in other news it’s been almost a week since I got home from the other side of the world and to the new dominant Axel and I just thought I would check in and let everyone know that my masculinity didn’t instantly melt nor did 98 percent of our regular balance instantly start bouncing. There are little things, such as being locked to my desk as I write this, that have and will continue to change, but as sad as it might make some of you. I didn’t come home to find all the walls painted dungeon black with all of our furniture having been replaced by metal and spiky things (though I wish the couch had been). I have been locked since I got back and will continue to be until the day next week when I will wear met sexy suit to give a presentation in Pennsylvania (fyi, the sexy suit was made to measure in Hong Kong and cradles my unlocked package in a way that is very very kind to my genitalia sizing and the cage in those pants just looks absurd). It’s funny on the locking because it hasn’t felt odd or strange even, just like it is something that’s meant to be there. This part of Axel and I will continue to evolve and I am sure I will continue to see growth in his eyes which turns  me on like mad. This time I am allowing it to go wherever it wants, so we shall soon see.

Finally, for my US friends, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was very quiet with just my parents and Axel. While an excellent meal was had, Alzheimer’s is beginning to win the battle for my Mom’s brain. It’s hard to watch in many ways, though she is happy as fuck and is not scared about it at all. I miss the deep, insightful conversations we used to have more than anything as there was a day I was suspecting that she had read the blog and knew about Thumper, etc because she had done everything but out right endorse him at one point. This week there was period in our meal where I think she thought Axel and I were brothers, both her children, because she started to talk about how she was so proud her boys and raised two fine men, etc, but then saw our wedding photos on mantle and said “there’s not a girl in any of those pictures”. She processed that a bit and came back with “Drew, now how is your bisexual friend in Minnesota doing?” It’s funny what’s in there, but something stuck.

I didn’t mean to end this on a low as that is just something I consider to be part of life for the next few years and we will ride it as it happens. Hell, last Christmas she told us all that my Dad used to like threesomes, so that certainly makes one look forward to the holidays. 

Domestic travel this week so I should be around more.


  1. “Drew, I have read your blog for many years…”

    …but somehow missed ALL OF THAT… *laugh*

    It always makes me laugh when people say similar to me when it’s clear they have not read a single thing.

    “Hello Mistress, I have read your blog for many years, but could not see how much a session costs, please let me know, thank you.”

    I’m so sorry about your mother, I know how hard it is to bear witness to this. But I’m so glad that she is happy. I know for some it is a frustrating and frightening time, so her happiness is a blessing, it’s no small thing.



  2. As Ferns notes, quite a chuckle.
    Glad to see you letting things evolve rather than trying to drive. It tends to work better in my experience.
    Sorry to hear about your mother’s progression, but glad she is happy. Went through this with mine.


  3. I look forward to read more from you, especially as my other favourite kinky outlet is taking some time off. (No Safe Word Podcast)


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