Chastity and the P.S.A

Time for a quick post to talk to you chastity guys about your usual Saturday evening dinner conversation, your prostate.

The question (followed by the backstory) is:

Have you experienced higher than normal PSA levels during an extended lock up and/or would you know? 

I ask this because, as I have mentioned, I have low testosterone naturally and for the last seven or eight years I have been on weekly injections which keep me pretty regular in the manly hormone way. With this automatically comes blood work every six weeks or so that monitors hormone level and give a PSA score as use of artificial testosterone increases one’s risk of prostate cancer later in life. For the last seven or eight years my PSA has been in the low 3’s, exactly where it should be as they say anything above a 4 ir abnormal or needs watching.

Six weeks ago I was a 3.5 and that was two days into a chastity period imposed by Axel that went until about an hour ago (and, damn THAT was nice). I was happily sailing in this period until I went yesterday for shots and followup from the bloodwork the week before (six weeks locked, no orgasm, no milking) and my PSA was 5.9, a significant increase which, to the doctor, indicated I have a slight prostate infection which he wants me to take a month’s worth of antibiotics to clear.

Now, I do have some of the symptoms of the infection and have not been feeling great, so maybe that is it, but I have to wonder if the lack of ejaculation can cause the gland to swell thus raising the score? I know the body is supposed to take care of this through leaking and nocturnal emissions and maybe something was blocked that hasn’t helped this.

Before you ask, this is not a doc I am that friendly with that I would share the locked information, so, no, I didn’t.

When you google this you get all those people that think they will forever shrink a dick with a cage, so I thought I would bring my question here.


(how many people thought I meant to say TSA? in the headline?)


  1. Hey Drew,

    Our longest Tease and Denial session lasted exactly 365 days (with me being the one in denial). A few months into that session, I got a nasty cold that turned into a chest infection. While visiting my primary care physician (who is also gay), I asked about any health related concerns with long term denial (I had no idea it’d go a full year, BTW). He said aside from blue balls (which I’m sure you know is a very real thing) there were none. That said, I’m curious as to what other responses you might receive.



  2. I remember Master Ian’s slave describing an infection due to long term chastity and denial. Though I believe the blog was not 100% true, that part I would say was based on personal experience. That is quite a jump in increased levels, my laywoman’s opinion it is due to the infection. What caused the infection though? Have they checked if you also have a urine infection? Though that is a slightly different part of the body and different glands, structures and pipes. Hope you get a result and your mind at rest.
    Best wishes for the new year to you and axel and everyone else in your life!


  3. I too am on weekly testosterone injections and have had both elevated and normal PSA scores during extended periods of chastity. The “rapid” test they use at the clinic is always elevated while the one my urologist does floats between a low and high 3.xx. The one thing the PA at my testosterone clinic always reminds me of before PSA bloodwork is go forgo sex for up to 72 hours before as ejaculation causes a mild increase in PSA levels in the blood.

    I am sure I just muddied the waters completely?

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  4. My husband went through two prostate biopsies in the last year due to consistently elevating PSA. They found no cancer (thank fuck), no sign of infection, no abnormal swelling. The doctors (more than one — urologist, nephrologist, and GP) all asked if he had ejaculated or otherwise stimulated his prostate (bike seats are a thing, apparently; cyclists, beware!) within 48 hrs prior to having any of his blood tests. We said no, and that in fact it was quite the opposite, that he rarely ejaculates at all (no tease/denial explanation required).

    Every single one of them responded with, “Well, NOT ejaculating is not going to cause this elevation.”

    My two cents, for what it’s worth.

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