Greetings from day one of “Drew’s vacation” or as my boss like’s to say, “Drew’s god damn time he’s using some of his PTO days this fiscal year.” Ax and I are home together a few days then we are going to an island in the Hawaiian islands to just get away from the work and the family life of late. I hope there I will be able to do just that as the world has really hard on each of us family wise the dreadful year and we just have to recapture some simple balance again.`So, I may or may not write, but, either way, all is good.

With that, I have some questions that people had asked me recently though a variety of methods, so let me know had them for a bit.

Question 1:

From recon: “Drew, you and your husband’s profiles are so hot. But his says he intends to enslave you, bit that’s not possible since you are a Dom, right?”

My response :

Well, “enslave” is a fantasy word for him (and a but for me) but I did not stop him using it as he and I have had over 20 years of him knowing I am kinky and have spent the last five to six years getting him to adjust as he decide he wanted to control me, but a very slow process and I will not do anything to cause him to think twice.

However, yes, absolutely subs and even slaves can have a Dom side and even own and train subs themselves, For me, I have found that when I am dominant it fuels my sub side in such a way that I can fuck, demean, and destroy a sub sexually because I am also enjoying the thought that I get to go home and have the tables turned by someone who loves every inch of me and who I would do anything to please.

Question 2:

Same person, different question: “How can a sub/switch be locked?”

My response;

With a key to start and a PA when you really want to be serous,

Being locked, for me, fuels every kink cell in my body and either partner, dom or sub, will be able to enjoy that with me. As an FYI, though, Axel always allows me free reign to my dick when with a sub.

Question 3:

Twitter DM: So what’s the deal with you and Thumper? Are you back again, not back again, what? Still friends?

My response: 

Well, there are multiple blogs about this now and the reality is nothing drastic changed except we realized we didn’t need to pretend to be friends and equals. He enjoys giving me his power and I very much enjoy taking it. And, yes, we are still friends, maybe even better ones, because we stopped pretending.

Question 4:

Also from a Twitter DM: So, I see you and another character are fucking with Thumper again, I was so sorry to hear that because I thought you had seen the errors of your sins and had stopped seducing the married (real marriage, not queer wedding) father so he could be true to his wife. I hope you feel bad that you will be sending him to hell.

My response:

If hell exists I will likely see Thumper there, but highly suspect it will from something he taught me.

(and why do you read if so offended?)

Final Question 5:

Robin, from the Blog: Drew, you used to write about your Mom so much and I so loved how she reacted to things and the relationship you two have, Why don’t you do that now?

My response:

If you follow, you know that around the time the blog started, and even during some of the responses, we knew something with Mom was off. As you also would know, she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s about 3 years ago and now, unfortunately, it’s progressed to the point where she doesn’t talk much and has 18 hour a day care at home. Last week we had “the talk” about text steps and it was one of the worst things I ever had to do, but that was made better by the fact that she didn’t even remember me being there 2 hours later and 4 hours later resumed calling me by her dead brother’s name. It’s sad. It’s not fair. But, if you have gleaned anything from us, we are taking it with laughter and are just doing the best we can; although it’s not big topic anymore.



  1. Oh Drew, I’m so sorry about your mother, it’s such a difficult situation *all the hugs*.

    As to the ‘going to hell’ person, I recognise that schtick from comments here years ago. Still here, are you? Tsk tsk. Dirty bird.



  2. Drew,

    I am so sorry about your Mom, Master Garry grandmother is like that, she has early onset of it. She has other problems also, but she is carrying on. And about your so-called stalker whatever he or she is, hope it will return with normal programming very soon!


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