Hello from day one of my self imposed week of me.

I’m tired and, because of that, have found that I have lost interest in all the things that excite me like chastity, cages, collars, cocks and even cars. Work. Travel. Work. Jury Duty – and my fucking unlucky roll of the dice with a sequestered case have wiped me out.

Mentally, I realized last week that a troop of naked firemen could run by me and my only response would be that I would worry about them being cold and that was just not cool and it was time to do something.

Physically, my literal wake up call was my face slamming into the edge of a nightstand when I passed out while sleep walking in some random hotel in New Zealand last week. Stress has always made me walk in my sleep since I was a kid and this was not the first time I needed stitches due to this little life element. In this case, nine stitches across my upper lip will provide me with a (likely) life long scar to commemorate my decision to slow down, something I could have so done without, but luckily any layer of scruff will hide most of it.

Now that was almost two weeks ago (and I took my stitches out myself yesterday), but I cancelled all travel and most work this upcoming week and could not be more excited to just have a week doing “things” for life, house, and work or just sitting in front of the big iMac watching porn until the Steelwerks’ catches on fire trying to contain me. We will see.

I feel like a kid with a week’s worth of candy in front of me, lol.

However, then there’s that damn Locktober. I am participating the most I can, which means zero orgasms, though I am uncaged for flights as I am not willing to risk any of my traveler clearances having anything but good about me listed. And, yes, I know it’s not illegal to fly locked and some don’t even notices, but I rarely win in gambling so why risk it? But, to the boys in full locktober, congrats to you all!


  1. Dear Drew,

    so sorry you have been unwell, but I am very glad (for you) that you realised you need a break and are taking some time off. a few years ago I took some time out from work, (to be precise, for more than a year I lived off my savings) and it was the best time of my life! I did my volunteer work full time, which was very rewarding, and although I was on a budget, managed to live comfortably. I know you love your job and it fulfils you, but, let’s be honest, at our age we deserve some “ME” time now & then!


  2. Work life balance is always difficult and some times we need these little reminders to tell us we are not getting it right, listen to those around you and hear what they say 🙂 Take care my dear fellow.


  3. Have ALL THE CANDY! Also I forbid you from filling your week with any kind of chores you haven’t been able to do because you’ve been working.

    Porn, coupled-up goodness, junk food, lots of sleep :).




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