Storm Trooper Casts

 Q and A time…

Where have you been, Drew? I have missed your writing.

Well, so far, that is the question of 2020. The last few months have been some of the weirdest and strangest as life events have just happened that are not conducive to writing about penises and metal dicks.

For those of you who have followed along for a few years, you will remember that my mother was the accidental star of my sex blog because there were a few stories of how she shaped me, more stories about how I swear she knew I was fucking Thumper, and then just some general life lessons as we, together, watched her be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we listened as the stories became less and less.

Well, after an odd infection around and over the holidays, she did not get better and is now in a hospice home where she is receiving some amazing end of life care. This, along with a father who has never been alone in over 60 years, which I like having a toddler with credit cards and car keys, has encompassed Axel and myself. Even with private nursing for both of them, it’s exhausting and depressing and in no way do these things equal incredible sex that one wants to blog about.

And, I broke my foot. Twice. I think the first time was when I was last with Thumper because he and I went to dinner and I remember going in and things being great and then coming out with a weird pain and a limp. The next day, as documented in the blog somewhere, was hell and a week later I was in a walking boot. I wore that the prescribed amount of time, but apparently that wasn’t long enough and last week I was wearing my Sunday shoes to work and the pain came back again and so did the break, except this time it was bigger. So, now I have one of the walking boots that looks like a storm trooper and it kinda turns me on. Sadly, it’s 6-8 weeks of this which sucks as I still have to travel weekly. I do enjoy getting on the plane first, but I have a status level that let’s get on second no matter what, so that joy is rather short lived.

But, anyway, it’s not all bad and, in fact, none of that is awful, it’s just all unpredictable and I think you all know me well enough to know that I do not like the unexpected. Ever.

How was your visit with the Kink Whisperer?

It was hot. I wore shackles. He made me eat vegan brownies.

It really was nice and, in fact, I am going back this week. I owe him and the experience way more than just these three sentences, so a real post will be coming soon.

How many miles did you fly last year?

234,767 from 1/1/19 t0 12/31/19

Will you write more about your feelings on being a switch?

Actually, yes, that will be coming as I have been doing a lot of thinking about that recently.

Why don’t you write more about sex like Thumper and Chaste Cyclist?

That’s funny, the times I have written about me and Ax or even me and Thumper I felt weird about it. But, I have always been weird about talking about sex which is one reason why this blog was so good for me back when I was having sex that needed to written about.

I think this will be my new goal  – have sex to be written about. In fact, let me hop on my crutches and go find Ax…


  1. Drew: When you have personal health issues it always is a bummer. Couple that with what is only an overwhelmingly depressing situation with your parents, YOU DON”T NEED TO MAKE ANY EXCUSES TO YOUR FOLLOWERS or to any one else. Those of us who have been there fully understand; as for the rest, they simply need to get a life that isn’t about their cocks. A big part of coping is learning to shut down everything that is extraneous. Yes, we all admire and respect you; but truth is, we owe you more than you owe us.


  2. *all the hugs*

    I’m so glad you are making time and space for some fun-sexy in there also. It’s so important when life is challenging for you and your loved ones. Enjoy every second :).



  3. I like your last line. I can imagine it very well; 2 physically challenged people trying to have sex must be complicated. Are you taking any vitamins (B complex) or minerals to help with the healing? Have they investigated if you are low? Seems odd to “just like that” break a bone.

    Sorry to hear about your parents, it must be very hard for you and you and Ax. I remember my parents taking on the responsibility of looking after the legal stuff for my fathers parents, it was hard for him to suddenly be the “parent”.

    Hope you are better soon and have some great experiences when you forget about daily life and just be in the moment. As we know, kink is very good for that.


  4. Sorry that it is a such a sad time with your parents. I know this only too well as I had this recently with my mother. It just takes over your life. I cannot even imagine how hard it is with all the travelling you have to do and now a broken foot still/again. Wishing you and Axel both some time for yourselves, kink or no kink, whatever gives you some happiness

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