Another Mom Post – the Finale

Over the years of this blog, my Mother was the accidental star of multiple posts that featured her inquisitions about my sex life, her suspected knowledge of my boyfriend on the side, and her just general fascination and acceptance of my sexuality.

A few days ago she gave in to her fight with Alzheimer’s and left us to go on another journey that I hope is filled with just as much love, laughter, and acceptance as she showed me.

And, proving the funny of this whole thing, the day we said goodbye, my father wore his favorite hat, my Nasty Pig hat he accidentally borrowed one day from my house and fell in love with and wears all the without having ANY clue as to what that “fancy logo” stands for.

So, in honor of her and her love of the kinky people, I wanted to re-post my favorite Mom post.

(P.S. – absolutely no need to say you are sorry, etc, I just thought this a fitting way to close the story of someone who added so much here)




  1. May her next journey be as incredible as the life she lived and the love she gave. Thank you for sharing her with us through your writing!


  2. Wishing you and your family my deepest sympathies. I’ve been a loyal follower of your blog from day one and I think your mom was an awesome person. May she rest in peace.


  3. I have loved the snippets you shared of your mother: A sharp, feisty, incredible, and obviously much-loved woman. Thank you for sharing those glimpses. You are a credit to her.

    Much love to you and your family.



  4. These are tough times, but It meant that you were at home and be able to see her. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to your father as well.


  5. You said not to say “I’m sorry,” so I won’t. However, the posts involving your mom are among your best. May I ask a favor please? I’m fighting with wordpress — it REALLY wants me to create a blog, and I have not interest in that — so I can’t get to the story via your link. Can you send me the date of the post, and I’ll just brute-force scroll back to it?
    Thanks. Try to enjoy your forced time at home; we’ll get through it one way or another.


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