The Neglected Mailbox

I am finally opening the blog email (I think I forgot I had it- sorry) and realized I have not answered many, well, any, questions in forever. As usual, half the messages are stupid, common sense, or just wanting to sell me viagra, so I have selected a few (and in a few cases combined 1-2 questions).

Drew, where the fuck have you been? Did you stop the blog?

I have honestly considered stopping this a few times but know that I would miss it when life settles down and I get my writing mojo back. In all honesty I started thinking of the blog as a chore, as one more thing I had to do, one more nagging back of mind item so I blocked it and didn’t think about it.

The transition from 100% travel to 100% in a chair in the front of my house with the lack of any real alone time has been tough on me. Job wise I am still and will be fine, but working almost ten years where things were relatively easy to suddenly having to go into survival mode, no matter how much it hurts, was not something I ever thought I would have to do during my career. Fuck, it’s been a challenge to physically do it but the mental challenge has been worse because, no surprise, watching the world nearly collapse most days due to the horrible-ness we have in Washington just makes me so sad some days and having to tell friends/colleagues that they may not have a job in three weeks is brutal and exhausting.

That said, there is good news. I FINALLY got out of the cast/boot for my broken foot after almost six months, Axel and I have have gotten along amazingly well and have a lunch date in the backyard almost every day, and we got a new puppy to keep Stella company and to add some new life around us after the significant losses he and I each had the last few months.

So, thanks for asking. Trust me, even if not writing I am still Twitter lurking – likely while on a work Zoom.

How many days have you been locked during the pandemic?

I was locked about the first six weeks of it and then had to have a MRI of my foot and legs done so I took it off and still haven’t put it back on. If you have followed me you know that stress makes me lose any interest in sex or kink, and during a few weeks of this a squad of naked firemen wearing collars and leashes would not have made me react, so there was no point in wearing it as there would be no unapproved orgasms anyway.

Since it’s been a few years, do you still love your PA? would you do it again?

Good question and something I have considered a lot. It’s been over 5 years since I got it, which, in and of itself is still staggering to me, but my official answer to you is a yes, no, and then a firm maybe depending on the day. I still think it’s beautiful, still enjoy the way it feels in my hand and in Axel and love the way it will lock a chastity cage on you in ways many men have not experienced.

The negatives, even with the hollow barbell which does allow me to stand, I still have to think before I piss, I miss wearing khaki or light gray pants willy nilly, and at least once a week I will catch it in a zipper and that feeling is not nice.

Taking all that together though, I still feel like a bad ass mother fucker at the (now virtual) boardroom table so, yeah, I still like it and, yes, I would do it again.

What’s your favorite combination of a vanilla and kink look on a man?

THIS is a fun question.

Tall. Naked. Locked leather collar. Leather leash. iPhone in left hand. Apple Watch on left wrist. Steelwerks cage on cock. Plug in ass. And a BMW or Porsche key in his right hand. ON running shoes, no socks, on feet.

(if anyone should either fit the above or know the above, message me. FAST)

You say you are switch, what does that mean on any given day?

Basically it means that the man above would either sexually own me or I would sexually own him depending on the hour and the day of the week.

Seriously, when I was younger I would switch for periods at a time. For a year I wanted nothing more than to own a slave and do all kinds of sadistic things to him. Winter would come I wanted to switch places and that lasted till the end of Summer, etc. Now, I think I could switch within a day and, as I look for the elusive family I discuss, I think I could be sub to a Sir while still being alpha to a beta. It’s a weird thing, yes, but pretty darn cool too.

Why do you have two Steelwerks’ cages? Isn’t one enough?

Have you ever thought about asking someone who collects art why they have more than one painting? I haven’t. And, while others have pointed out I just have one penis, to me, these are wearable art pieces and I have invested in them for that reason in addition to function. Oh, and I have three.

Okay, I think this is it. I don’t want say too much on this one as it would then be a year before my brain will want to type again!


  1. Drew thanks for keeping this going. Very insightful. This pandemic has all hit us so hard that it’s good when you hear how others are coping. I am surprised that you are unlocked. So good luck with that.


  2. Nice to hear from you, and for me personally, if you decided to stop the blog, yes, I would miss it, but you do what is right for you. Glad that you and Ax are doing physically and mentally ok.
    For me it would have to be a bunch of guys in a sailors outfit or uniform. I grew up in a harbour town! My work has stopped and although we could open from 4th July, it does not make enough money to be worth it, so I am – luckily on full time pay – at home alone. So any distraction by my favourite bloggers is welcome. Best wishes, Silke


  3. It’s good to hear from you — we’ll greedily consume anything you’re willing to share with us. The dude asking about 2 Steelwerx’s — what a dolt! Does he have only one pair of shoes, one kind of shirt? Jeez!
    Stay well, give Axel my best.


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