The New Cage

So I got a new cage.

I have yet to even try it on because, when it arrived, I didn’t have the proper time or mood to dedicate to such an occasion. But I did take a few pics from my office.

Did I need a new cage? No. The Tiffany 2.0 I had was beautiful, compact, and quite comfortable. While I had admired the new, curved titanium tube design that Steelwerks was now making, I was contently locked away going about 2020 like the rest of us. You know, in a sort of fear, constant dread, masked and sanitized. Then, I got an offer from someone wanting that cage that I could not turn down.

One scrubbing and a vinegar and water boil later, the Tiffany 2.0 was in a FedEx box going far far away to a land my American passport no longer allows me to enter.

So, that’s how the new one came about and I am thrilled with the more compact, tightly curved shape. Also, as I have mentioned, my gingery skin is pretty sensitive and I would often wind up irritated where the PA fit through the bottom of the tube, so with this one, SW made me a barbell that is often used by uncut men. This design goes in from the bottom and locks from the front, but nothing is exposed on the underside which should help tremendously with the irritation issues I was having (plus nothing there to catch in a zipper!).

As I mentioned, I haven’t tried it on yet but hope to today. I am a bit ceremonial in some respects and things like peeling the protective cover off a new iPhone, peeling that blue plastic that never really ever comes off from the step plate of a new car, trying on clothes, or taking my time and looking, touching and savoring my newest penis are all things that I want to be in a quiet place where I have all kinds of time to just be in the moment. Yesterday when it arrived I was arguing with my HR department over something and was so, so not in the moment. But there is hope for today. And, you know me, titanium penis pics will soon be coming, but until then, here is from the unboxing.


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