ICE – Muggle Contacts and Me

Safety Sam here with an important message about the importance of identified real life contacts in a kinky online world.

Over the last few years I have had multiple conversations with a chastity guy who I deeply respect (chastityboydotcom) for multiple reasons, one of which is he runs a discord group that has a huge following and, through that, he collects devices that people are not using to distribute to those just curious, just starting. Super guy and someone I know who reads this blog.

Around May, his electronic presence on his site, his recon, and a few other places just stopped. Stopped cold. There could be 177.5 reasons for why this has happened, but May being the height of a pandemic, the fact that someone said he was going to Florida to visit his Mom, and the fact that he is in his late 50’s, all combine to make even a stranger like me wonder and worry.

I’ve messaged a few of his friends on recon, two of whom he told me he was very close to, and they are worried too because they don’t know anything. Assuming they knew a real life name, I was hoping to run a search, but they didn’t know that or were not willing to tell me – though I really think they don’t know.

That got me thinking that any and all of us could suddenly just drop offline if that proverbial bus happened to be cruising down the same lane where I decided to stand – likely because I dropped my phone. In many cases, that would be that and thousands of followers, or at least a subset of those who are close, would just, one day, have nothing and, worse, have nothing without a clue as to why. The ultimate ghosting.

Wondering what to do about this, I decided to post this and update the bio section of my profile with the twitter names of three people who know all of me including my personal, professional, and kinky sides. I FULLY trust these people, as well as a few others I didn’t list, to have the intimate knowledge of my whole life and, if the situated warranted, to have the judgement to release that information in either a cloaked or complete format depending on the who, what and where. Meaning, if that bus just clipped me to the point that after I am out of my coma and might be back, I want them to just say “he’s alive, the bleeding has stopped after 17 days, and he will eventually be back.” However, if that bus had a full on hit, they can tell people that, help wrap up my story, and hopefully call a few of my relatives to just say “guess what? you never thought it could get worse than him being a liberal democrat but, there’s more – here are some excerpts from a sex blog he once wrote detailing what he did with his democratic penis…”

I simply listed them as muggle contacts without any explanation, fanfare or anything similar. These three have my back no matter what while I am alive, so it just made sense that they would have it later as well. If there is a better place or way to list this please let me know, but in the meantime I would encourage you to do the same.

Finally, if you do know chastityboydotcom and know he’s okay, drop me a line, please. No details are needed aside from a “he’s ok”.


  1. This is a good idea.

    I have a failsafe for this also, just in case something happens to me.

    It’s awful to just ‘not know’ especially if you’re close. I mean, hell, I have decades long friendships with people who would never find out what happened if I just disappeared one day.

    I hope you get some news on your friend and he’s out in the world all happy and healthy and such.



  2. I hope your friend is okay. I had a reader fall off the radar recently and it was worrying to say the least; I know his real name and even some location details but it was still difficult to find out whether he was okay. Having people who could verify whether or not you’ve suffered irrevocable harm seems like a good idea. I will give some thought to creating a contact list.


  3. I’ve had similar thoughts. I don’t have any current crossover contacts. I’m terrible about keeping up with people. I’ve resolved to fix this. I have been thinking about writing an “in case I go” post that is scheduled a month or two in the future. As long as I can update the blog, I can keep advanciing the publication date. If I am captured by Republicans or die, the post would eventually publish and let people who read the blog learn my real name and other things to find out what happened.;

    Thanks for the post! It’s a wakeup call to me to stop isolating myself.


  4. I had something similar happen this summer. A sub who liked my xtube videos contacted me and we began a Telegram exchange (he lived in Missouri and I live in Washington state) on a daily basis. He shared that he was being treated for colon cancer (in his 50s) and that his partner was an ER doctor. One day the daily Telegram greeting just stopped and I have heard nothing since so I assume he either succumbed to the cancer or his partner brought home covid from his job.

    I have a number of contacts with email addresses. I have a list of the emails stored with the cremation box I received when I signed with The Neptune Society years ago. Either my husband or a friend who is a contingent executor will use that list to notify those close to me from the list. I also have the password to my Recon profile entered on that list.


  5. A very good idea. Cal Riders’ death last year was such a shock, finding out via a short message on FB.
    I have a will, I should really put a list with passwords in with that.


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