Meet Jack – The New Switchy Boy

So much more to tell than in previous updates, but so little time to do that lately. I owe a long Locktober post (but have a month, right?), a full review of the new Steelwerks cage I have – which is the best thing my dick has ever felt that wasn’t wet – and then, well, Axel and I seem to have adopted a switch, submissive, sometimes dominant boyfriend. For purposes of this blog and Twitter, we will call him Jack (@southerswitch1).

Jack is a late thirties, six packed ab’d, cute as fuck trauma nurse and college professor who has been quite handy in helping me heal from my recent surgery (I broke my foot AGAIN saving gimps and puppies from a burning building) (that sounds better than the actual act of stepping in a hole) where I now have almost as much titanium in my body as often attached to it.

When Jack and I met a few months ago, the chemistry was INSTANT – both friendship and sexual. Same thing happened when he met Axel though he and I connected slightly more as we share the switch side and stories. The way it is now is not exactly a thruple, though I did just watch him walk in and kiss and grope my husband first. He took an instant liking to the idea of chastity, the idea of me holding his key, the idea of me beating his ass, and my dominant side har roared – which is Axel approved right now though he has the right to make us switch when needed.

Anyway, I offer this brief introduction as today I am taking him on a road trip to get his Prince Albert installed (fyi – big dick) so he can one day join the Steelwerks’ family, appropriately locked, of course. I know I won’t be able to resist the Twitter pics, so, I figured he deserved this brief introduction.

Stay tuned…


  1. I”m sorry to hear about the AGAIN foot problems. Have a speedy recovery! We’re anxiously waiting to hear about the adventures with Jack, and for more info about the new Steelwerks.


  2. I’m glad I read the introduction first and then saw the Twitter pic. The idea of a thruple sounds so exciting! Hope your foot is feeling better!


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