Locktober 2020

Welcome to my late Locktober post. For me, I am not an actual Locktober guy because, as you know, I come in and out of chastity depending on my switchy side, travel (in the olden days way back in February ’20), and life events like medical, massage and other things. My husband likes me locked but, even after six years exposed to the chastity world, doesn’t demand it and never wants the key, so we go through periods back and forth and have a great time doing it.

That made me wonder if I had any business writing a post like this but then decided that was silly because chastity comes in all forms and is done for so many more reasons than just flat out denial.

I started thinking about this more when Jack (aka, the new boy) entered our lives a few months ago. Chastity was not anything on his radar but I immediately wanted to lock him up. In fact, at our first lunch together I told him that and he just smiled at me and said “mmm hmmm” and then a few hours later, after a furious make out session in my car in the park, he looked at me and said “about that locking“. That night he ordered a Holy Trainer, a device he had never seen. Fast forward a few weeks and we spent last weekend in another city getting his dick pierced while designing the Steelwerks cage he will be ordering as soon as his piercing has healed enough to start the upsizing process needed to be #lockedinwerks. THAT is incredibly hot to me.

I have so much more to talk about regarding Jack and the weekend and will do so soon, but this is about my take on chastity and why it drives me. The weekend had me thinking about this because, when he was locked, I never took his key and I allowed him to orgasm the one time he asked. For me, I realized, it was not about his denial, but it was about trust, about understanding, and, him being locked BY me FOR me drew me into him in a bond of incredible closeness I had not felt with any of the previous people I had locked.

I realized then and there that, with them, I was trying to make it about the tease and the torment, something I think they wanted, and that is why I would grow bored with it as there is only so many times you could say no. For me, this is much like when Thumper plugs his ass for me, it’s about the power to control that, the power to have someone have some physical feeling, be it comfort or pain, due to the fact that they trust me enough to allow me to dictate it. Yes, it is a power move on my part, but, it’s also a bond that only we, and maybe a few select others in real life, know and that just makes it more fucking hot. That realization made me think about the reverse when I am locked and, again, the closeness and the giving of the power was the exact reason I give Axel the swooning eyes when he grabs my locked dick and says “that’s mine now, right?” I know I can unlock at any time because the big key is in my bathroom and a little key is always on my keychain, but I don’t even think about it unless I need to or have been told to because I have zero intention of violating that trust and that closeness that we feel together when those moments occur.

When I stopped to think about it, these factors are what has made my chastity life so different than Thumper’s or the others I know. I realized it’s not about the actual denial of the orgasm nearly as much as it is about the processes involved with getting to that denial, which has a hotness factor for me times ten. I am proud of my locked boy and I very much enjoy that secret we share knowing that.

That said, back to Locktober. I love the month because it brings the attention to the chastity club and so many more men talk about it and, sometimes, even try it for the first time. For many others, it’s about the willpower and setting an end goal, something we all could likely be better at for so many things (says the man who needs to lose the 20 lbs). Those guys are champions and I love the vigor that they put into the new challenge.

Something I also like is more about the chastity community than the action, but it is the fact that when some of these new guys fail a few days or weeks into it, very rarely do people try to bring them down about that and usually offer encouragement about what they did do, asked how it made them stronger and other like things. To me, that says a lot about the reason for having a special month such as this to support the kink we either love or hate in that good way.

So, Happy Locktober to you all and just 25 more days, boys.

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