When the boyfriend meets the Husband.

So let’s talk more about boy Jack.

I introduced him last weekend and, if you follow Twitter, you will have seen a flurry of activity from us as he has fallen madly and deeply in love with his new metal laden penis and, of course, me. I have to admit, I am falling for the man too – so is Axel.

As a point of clarification, anyone I have ever introduced on this blog I have met in person and, Jack, is no exception – a funny fact one must share when living in the online world. We had already had a lot of time together before he met this blog, so it’s not this immediate get a U-Haul type of thing, and nor will it ever be. What we have discovered, however, is a sense of peace that nobody expected as Axel and I, who had previously never had sex with a third together, just fell into a comfort groove that, in the blink of an eye changed that threesome-less fact.

Jack is a switch, but he brings out a raw aspect of my dominant side I didn’t know I had. He calls me Sir and calls Axel Daddy and we both call him all sorts of fun things that indicate he is dear to us. For those of you who are fans of Schitt$ Creek, he looks and acts a lot like Patrick, who made me swoon in Season 4 Episode 6 when he sang to David and, somehow, I found as boy who looks like him in smiles, size and personality. Oh, and did I mention that he is fucking local? How rare is that.

Anyway, sex talk anyone? I have never been one to write too much about specific sex acts – that’s a Thumper thing and nobody could top that (so to speak, cause, well, I did). But with Jack, the first time sex was weeks after we met – on the trip actually. Yes, we had played and he had been naked with me almost immediately while I did all kinds of things that hurt him in a good way. Call me old fashioned, but I wanted to date a bit before bending my boyfriend boy over further sealing this new aspect of a polyamorous relationship. Traditions never die in the South, you know.

The first time we played was amazing as it was also the first time he and Axel met. Since I never leave my house now but work more than ever, he came by one afternoon, let himself in, walked into my office, stripped, and proceeded to sit under my desk on his hands and knees while I finished one video call and started another. I was swooning the whole time, but it was great. When I finished that call, I spanked him heavily, which he LOVES, tied him up, blindfolded him, gagged him, and then left him sitting up on the bed with a big leather paddle balanced on his abs for about an hour as we waited on Axel to get home from his office (he is FINALLY seeing clients in person again – masked and socially distanced, of course).

Ax walked in, saw me sitting downstairs and just smiled because I THINK he knew what was happening. He went up, opened the door, and I heard a “Fuck” and about an hour later he came downstairs and said “I think we found your boy.” And, later in the say, after seeing Jack come downstairs naked walking directly to me to sit in my lap, Ax was swooning watching it as I think we found one of his kinks we didn’t know about.

Last weekend, when we went to get his PA, we spent hours in the car together talking, went shopping for a bit, and then went to the hotel for a bit before he joined the “bad ass mother fucker metal in dick club” (I’m designing the stickers and membership cards soon). He had been quite the valet the whole trip as I am still on crutches/scooters so that was pretty fun too. When we went to the room, we didn’t make it 5 minutes before my unlocked dick found its way inside of him for the first time and, we found, that our size differences (I am 6’2, 230 and he is 5’7, MAYBE 145) create this natural big and little spoon thing that one can also envelope the one he is deep inside of in this exchange of weight and balance that is fucking amazing (when I can stand on two feet again it REALLY will be.) Axel and I are the same height and within 5 pounds of each other, so I had not experienced such a difference and, fuck me, was it hot.

I am going to fast forward to the next part here as I can update that later, but we got his PA, I fucked him 3 times more, we went to bed, and came home the next morning.

The next day we got home, had lunch with Axel, did the usual chit chat and then Axel walked the dogs . I had Jack strip, collar, and meet Ax on the deck in the backyard on his knees for when he returned. I would like to say there was lots of foreplay here but the reality was, after the post walk dog treats were delivered, of course, Axel unzipped, Jack started blowing him, and then 5 minutes later I was fucking Jack while he finished off Axel. It wasn’t planned, it was’t discussed, it just was.

When he left a bit later, Ax said “now I KNOW you have found your boy, well, boyfriend boy. He’s a keeper”.

More soon – Jack is on his way over now.


  1. Does that hollow barbell still work as good as day 1? No problems with the normal pa stretch? Awesome blog, put a big smile on my face reading about your experiences together.


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