Respecting the boy

Let’s talk about this boy whose abs, ass and titanium dick I am flashing all over twitter. Ready?

Axel and I have had a lot of hits in 2020 from deaths to illness to career to blah blah blah and I am tired of talking about it, though sadly it’s not over. But, I feel like the world knew it owed me something and around August I met the boy who I call Jack. I have actually not written that much about him because it was one of those things I wanted to test to make sure the high I was feeling wasn’t just escapism from the year or just a passing BDSM fad, which we have seen happen to me before. Now, I can absolutely assure you it wasn’t. Jack has been like winning a jackpot to me as in addition to sharing so many kinks with me, well, the boy is just hot and adorable – which often makes me sad we don’t show faces because I WANT to show off more than just his ass. But I digress.

Four months and his locked dick later, I am truly in both love and awe of the boy. While I am not using the “thruple” word just yet, he fit in a place with Axel and myself that was just instant and he fit like a puzzle piece in so many ways. For me, he has brought out my dormant dominant side in a way I had never realized existed as I am absolutely thrilled to exercise my sadist side quite often which is usually followed by aftercare from Axel and a Schitt’s Creek rerun for us all. Did I mention he’s local? I have literally traveled the world looking for that exact kink partner and all it took was an absolute grounding from a pandemic, the recon iPhone app, and some wickedly good sweet potato fries that I used to lure him into my trap at our first meeting (and I did use my wicked southern smile a few times too).

You all have watched my evolution and how my days with Thumper really taught me how to express and understand my kink and it was such a nice starting point. With Thump, who today remains one of my favorite friends and my future fist fuck target, the biggest difference now is there was a defined wall which from we managed everything. It was the bisexual guy who needed the gay guy to assist on a journey which, by design, was always scheduled and always, or mostly, secluded from our muggle lives. He was not falling for me nor was I ever falling for him. It was perfect – at the time. Though, as that part ended, in many ways due to the public way we played by announcing every move, I knew that I didn’t want the next go round to have a “no feelings” caveat, whether that be me in a sub or a dom role – that whole switch thing that happens with me, you know.

To go back to the top of this, I said I respect and love the boy. The respect aspect of this is something I am absolutely loving, as it’s something I often worried about in some social media Dom/sub desires or relationships because there is so much of the “subhuman slave” or the lack of pronouns or the total emasculation of a man just to break him down to serve. I know some submissive and some dominants love that, crave that, and want that, or even need that, but that is something that has always bothered me for me. In fact, about six months ago I was in a chat with a friend of mine who is a Master and he and I have always flirted with the idea of training me as I do have that sub itch I have really yet to scratch. He’s younger than me, very pretty and in that chat we picked back up on the idea that maybe we could make it work. Then he started into the “you will always be less than me” and “you will never use “I” and will never speak when…”. I stopped him and asked him if he really felt that way and if he needed to degrade his sub as a way to make himself feel more of a dom. I thought it was a genuine question. He thought it was a friendship ending question. We did actually work through that, but that whole thing is something that always held me back from subbing and always made me struggle with dominating if I was going to have to feel that way. I mean, I have played both roles with people I have come to realize I just didn’t like or that they just didn’t like me, but I still had compassion for them and realized that I really couldn’t be in this game if that was expected of me.

So, all that to talk more about the boy because he likes to take my pain and I fucking love to give it to him. But, as he does and as I see his adorable face contort knowing how much it hurts and what he is taking for me, it makes me so fucking proud of him and his ability to take that because he knows that in addition to making his tube tight, it makes me happy. I have so much respect for that or for when he follows an order, or protocol between us as well. Chastity wise, he came once after we met and has not done so again since. I made a joke to Axel about how he was to wait until Christmas and, in fact, he is now doing just that. For him, he had never been even remotely turned on by the idea of chastity, but he tried it for me and he stays in it for me too. That said, he is now rather smitten with his shiny steelwerk’d penis and I think I might actually HAVE to pry it off of him on Christmas Day as he may elect to forfeit his orgasmic option. All of those things make me respect what is is giving me and makes me want to be a better dominant for him.

Adding to that, I am seeing the how a D/s relationship is actually helping all three of us be better men. This is something I will touch on in future posts more in depth, but watching Jack accept his submission and then begin embrace it has been one of my favorite things to watch thus far. For Jack, I see is as he is better as a Dad, have watched him process complex stressful events at work by using some of the submissive tactics we have worked on, and then have just watched his attitude toward life, love and happiness increase substantively since we met. For him, being owned was apparently a security blanket that he didn’t know how much he needed nor did I think I actually had that in me to give like that either.

This is evolving and I will begin to post more and more as I am getting the urge to write back, something I lost immediately with the the death of my mother who has inspired me to write in the first place. We will continue to tweet this as well so stayed tuned. I know Ax and I found a keeper.


  1. Drew. Such an inciteful description of your budding relationship with Jack and Axel. I especially enjoyed the comments on the Dom who needs to make you less to prove he’s a true dom. That always bugs me on Recon as well. Doesn’t make either a better man. Not sure how you talked your way through that!

    Thanks again for the kind and thorough explanation of the situation. Best here than on Twitter.

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  2. Just wanted to say thanks for being honest in that post, and describing your point of view, rather then writing what followers are expecting. Most of the posts on Twitter are very cliché and doesn’t give a realistic picture of the diversity in the kink/BDSM world. Some will relate to the “subhuman slave”, some won’t. Both point of views are valid, but different. In the same way, not everyone who is into chastity wears a cage.

    I’ve been in a D/s relationship for almost a year now and it’s true that respecting the boy goes a long way. My doms are very respectful as well, and it only makes me want to submit even more.


  3. I suspect the real Drew is just beginning to emerge with the discovery of his boy Jack. A man so cognizant of the potential power he had within that he buried it by exploring submission for decades has now found that he can exercise that power and still be a good, loving, kind person who truly builds another’s character. IME, gay couples have a hard time building a real “relationship” simply because as partners they don’t have another person(s) to invest their energies in. Instead, those energies get expended in sexual adventures, or material possessions, or social causes. Hopefully, Jack will be the catalyst for you and Axel to bind together even more tightly and then build a family with Jack.


  4. Wow! Just wow!
    You are a very good writer. I totally just got lost in your story and only wish it was longer. We have never met but I feel like I know so much about you after reading that. Look forward to reading more!


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