Peeping Mom

Pandemic Log – Day 773, Subject: Rope Bondage, Victim: Boy Jack

In addition to just having won the lottery in meeting my boy this year, Axel and I are very lucky that we have been able to manage training him in this weird COVID world. I rarely leave the house anymore and Axel, who does now go to his office daily, only sees clients virtually, so he’s pretty much alone too. Jack, who is professionally covered in PPE and is tested a few times a week, also lives a pretty quiet life right now, so we all feel safe in how we have built our bubble and make sure we see each other 2-3 times per week.

In scheduling time together, Saturday mornings have become a pretty standard thing as his kids have things to do, Axel usually works, and I am in a slower paced mood as well. Yesterday was no exception to that and we had the best damn day which started out with me placing him in rope bondage on my dining room table.

I have always loved the idea of rope bondage but was intimidated by it because so many people are so good at it, the time it takes to make it happen, and worse, the time it takes to finish. But, it is an interest of the boy’s so I want to do it and get better as I need to grow just as much as he does. He has plenty of appropriate rope and has left a bagful here, so a week ago we tried a chair and yesterday I decided I wanted to torment him a big so we went with a nice spread eagle pose on the heavy, very sturdy dining room table a built a few years ago. I have to say, I didn’t do too badly. I turned on the heat, had him strip, crawl up on the table and I soon began my planned assault on him. As I got his arms tied to each corner I considered tying him ankles the same way so his ass would be up and ready for me to crawl on the table to fuck him right then and there, but, at the same time, I glanced to my right and realized my mother’s ashes are in a box on my mantel and had to immediately stop and go find something suitable to cover the beautiful little wooden box she is in. I mean, I know she’s not there and that she is likely around in other ways, but it’s just really hard to perform your best when you have a peeping Mom in a box hedging your rope skills.

Mom aside, Jack loves to be bound like this and when COVID is over, I plan to take a few lessons or bring someone here to help me as I just want this to be eventually close to perfect as I plan to use this type of bondage so I can unlock and clean him without him being able to move. His locking is going amazingly well and he’s accepted they fact that I want to only allow him one, maybe be two, orgasms a year. In order to help with that, we are working on ways for him to channel his sexual energy into s more proper body part like orgasm through nipple play, etc. Yesterday, as he was tied there, I got down on my knees, stuck my tongue in his ear and asked him “have you ever seen what a man looks like shooting from a metal cage just because his Dom tongue’d his ear or whispered into it?” He responded with “No Sir” so I told him I would be sure to make sure we are standing in front of a mirror the first time I get him there. This was followed by his weekly maintenance spanking which I just fucking love doing to him and then lunch with Axel and a nap. A well deserved nap.

I am always hesitant to put NSFW emails on WordPress and the blog, so I will send you to twitter to see the caged bondage pics, but I can show the spanking aftermath.



  1. I had a similar experience the first time I jerked off after my father passed away. I said a little prayer thanking him for everything in my life, but asked him to turn away and go visit my sister when I fired up some hot kinky pron.

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  2. You say you and Thumper are friends but are you fooling yourself or just wishing? He hasn’t liked a post or tweet of yours in a year yet you still mention him like a lost puppy. Have some self respect, Drew.


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