Interchangeable Penis Parts

I will post a full update on the trials and tribulations of switch life with a husband and boy soon, but right now I want to focus on the, or mine, mechanics of the chastity cage.

As you know, I am a Steelwerks Extreme groupie. I know they are not for everyone for a variety of reasons, but they are something I chose to invest in a few years ago and have absolutely zero regrets. I have two cages from them, the Crucible and the Tiffany and they are both great. Me being me, I specifically liked one thing about one and another thing about the other so, luckily, I just got them combined.

I was happy that my Tiffany came with one of the first new base rings that SW is now making that has an exposed flange on top allowing for multiple items to be added or interchanged. When I say this, I envision it being like an erector set, legos, or similar where you can add, take away, etc, etc. I think they really mean it so that guys can use different cages without having to take off the ring for the quick fly chastity change, the mid week three-minute deep clean, or even for things like metal detectors (because a ring around a set of balls is likely not really anything that would cause attention nor is it really that embarrassing should you get searched.) For me, I liked the idea of it making travel much easier (you know, assuming if I ever travel again) and that mid-week cleaning thing will be incredible.

I said I think that is the intention with the interchangeable base ring, but the sadist in me likes the idea of screwed on ball stretchers, wands, or, even my idea to torment my boy by having some locked on bells that I can use to torment my boy when he walks or moves until I give him his key back.

Anyway, I digressed there, what does this mean?

It means I sent my Crucible back to have a matching flange added to the top so I can wear it now as a traditional cage with the titanium shaped penis OR I can wear it just as it was meant to be attached by the PA with no ring or cage. I love the “freeballing” feel of no ring, but it’s harder to hide when your metal dick slinks down your leg, so at times pulling tight is just what is needed.

There are a few pics on Twitter and I am happy to send if you’d like – but due to all the recent crackdowns on NSFW things I am just trying to keep it off of WordPress.

Stay tuned, part two coming soon.


  1. The package you shared on twitter looked rather large to just contain a device, or was it wrapped in so much wrapping you can recycle it next christmas?
    Sounds like a good investment.


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