Accidentally Owned, by boy jack

Note from Drew: The following is a guest post by my boy, jack. I haven’t written a ton about the relationship for multiple reasons, but asked jack to write about how he came to be owned by me and my husband and what that means to him. So, meet jack.


How one goes from “Thanks for the cruise” to being completely owned is something I’ve pondered from time to time. I have a high stress job and real life responsibilities. Couple that with a tightly wound and often controlling personality when it comes to my responsibilities at work and my family, I never truly found myself looking to be owned. Sure, I had dabbled in both Dom and sub roles, enjoying both.  I liked both the feeling of total control and the lack thereof. 

Fast forward six months into a global pandemic and I was isolated, just like everyone else on the planet. My covid bubble consisted of those I worked with and my pre-teen child. The few kink connections I had were long distance and non-physical. After working the front lines in a triage tent in the height of the pandemic, the last thing I was looking for was to meet someone. A conversation online with a screen name “DualDrew” that started with “Thanks for the cruise” progressed to a date with sweet potato fries followed bymaking out while looking at the most amazing titanium clad cock I had ever seen.  Then I met his husband, Axel.

I knew I had found something amazing. I just didn’t know the extent of amazing at the time.

Being a pervert by nature (I use that term with love), I quickly connected Drew who now owns me, every fucking part of me. Likewise the connection with Axel, who watches over us both, was growing just as strong and intense. The appeal of bondage and submission has always been strong. The trust needed to allow someone to totally own me came so easily, and in contrast to anything before. For someone who doesn’t easily trust anyone, I’m a little amazed at how, just a few months later, I was nearly in tears to be locked with a Steelwerks lock/collar around my neck telling the world I am owned. Also of note, inscribed on the inside is probably the sweetest fucking name anybody has ever called me. I like knowing it is there behind the cover of the lock. As far as I know, my Master, my Daddy (Axel) and the genius that is Steelwerks are the only ones who have laid eyes on this inscription.  Looking back at things, I wasn’t ever expecting to be owned. It wasn’t because it had never crossed my mind. I never expected to find the right person that could bring that out of me. Laughingly, I have thought on occasion that I was accidentally owned, but no part of me believes it was an accident. 

So what does being owned look like and feel like for me?  It goes something like this… We both shared our big kinks (and our deep dark kinks) with each other.  No surprise that they lined up pretty damned spot on. I had seen these guys with their cocks locked in various cages, but I never really craved it for myself. That is until I saw that beautiful shiny titanium encasing the cock of a man I never knew would mean so much to me. After some discussion, I bought a decent “let’s give this a try” device. I was hooked quicker than I’d like to admit. I loved showing that my dick was locked as instructed. After some time in that cage and discussion about getting my dick pierced for a PA locking cage from Steelwerks, we were on a trip getting my dick pierced. 

As quickly as my healing titanium impaled dick would allow, I had gauged my piercing up to the 2 gauge that would allow for my cock to be locked in a custom fitted titanium work of art. I dipped into my savings account and in a few weeks, my new metal dick soon arrived much to the pleasure of my Sir.

If you’ve seen my Twitter posts, you know I’m a bit of a sap. I digress….the cage and piercing are just an objective display of something so much more meaningful than metal. It represents a trust I have with Drew and Axel.  It represents to me an acceptance of me that I never thought I’d find anywhere else. I may be an owned fucker, but I’m cared for in ways that nobody else has ever cared for me…see I’m a sap, guilty as charged. 

So what does it feel like to me?  Well, I belong to a sadist of sorts..a warm, reddened, bruised and plugged ass are often the visible results of that – almost every day. Mentally, these acts that result in such visible evidence provide a release for us all. Specifically, for me, it lets me let go of all my stressors in life and connect with another pervert on a level that I never thought possible. What it also means is that I don’t have to face anything alone. Changes in jobs responsibilities, and parenting often have left me in quite an anxious state. In what most would call my “normal” (I hate that word) life, most of my stress and anxiety comes from a lack of control or perceived lack of control. However, I’ve learned that through my submission I don’t have to worry about that lack of control. I’ve learned to use that to decrease my stress and anxiety. I’ve learned to channel that sub space to make that part of my life that is visible to the boring world less stressful and less a source of distraction. 

I am very goal driven. I have probably too many degrees. Too many trips to the physical therapist because I was driven to train for marathons despite increasing pain. Why is that pertinent?  Well a slave isn’t just some useless worthless being. I’m useful, I’m driven. Ask my Master. I do enjoy a task that requires me to work towards a goal. Nothing worth doing or having ever comes easily, is a saying that I either picked up or made up over the years. The same applies here. Currently working on some physical goals that not only make me happy, but my Master and Daddy, as well. 

So what about that dom side of me?  Well…it is less of a part of me than it has ever been. Is it still there?  Of course. Does it get attention?  Of course. I do have the best Master. I’m alpha to one very eager slave. His slave hole has been outsourced to me. Thank you, Sir. You know my needs and take care of them all. 

There is so much more that I could talk about forever. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. I have found my true kink family. Family, that at times might take an organizational chart to describe to some. Through my submission I have found more than just a titanium impaled and encased dick. I have found acceptance and family. I have been the recipient of being cared for that I didn’t know I was either capable of receiving or deserving to receive. Likewise I could only hope that my Master and Daddy feel that I give the same to them. It’s a big part of what makes this kinky fucker tick. 


  1. Jack, Drew, Axel, it is wonderful to hear your story, Jack. I must say, that as a 52 year old Aussie Kinkster I am supremely envious of you all. Yet at the same time I celebrate your happiness in finding each other.

    It is refreshing to hear a great outcome when, sadly at the moment we seem to be hearing poor outcomes.

    All the greatest to you all.


    Liked by 3 people

  2. How completely lovely to get a glimpse of your relationship from jack. Thank you for it.

    Congratulations to all three of you for the love you’ve built. May it bring you much happiness for a long time to come <3.


    Liked by 2 people

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