If you have read the previous post by jack, you will have seen a lot of truth about our relationship from his eyes. I was so incredibly proud of him when he showed me that and I immediately posted it before it could allow him to second guess things or edit and edit and edit again.

He was very honest and, if you follow our tweets, all are genuine and reflect the feelings we have between the three of us. However, something I said from the very beginning is that we have to always tell the reality and, while we are doing just that, I believe we are dangerously close to painting this as a picture perfect “how to start a kinky triad with sunshine and lollipops” and I want to make sure we have an equal showing to avoid the the type thing as in all social media where I would show you the amazing picture of me in front of something amazing, but did not show you the 4 canceled flights, the last minute window seat, or the $123 12 block cab ride to get there. It’s about the impression at those times and I want to make sure that we show that this is, indeed, a process and, in many ways, like building a puzzle.

So, here is more of the story.

2020 about broke Axel and me. Not us as a couple, but just as people. As I have mentioned we each lost parents and now each of us have the second parent at the end of life. We lost friends and family, both of our jobs changed drastically (fyi -he’s back to mostly normal, I’m still grounded) – though we were both able to save things with not too much loss , we gained two puppies, we gained pounds, and, unspoken of on here, I gained seven (pretty cool) scars and 15 months in a boot from three surgeries for my broken foot/ankle and two surgeries on and in my throat for some breathing difficulty I was having because of a windpipe issue. Even without Covid, it was a hell of a fucked up year.

However, smack in the middle of that we met jack. You know all about Jack by now, and, while it really did “just work”, we have put a fucking LOT of time into making it “just work” that we don’t really discuss here for some reason. I mean we have established the whole he’s my number two and I am his number two and we are absolutely okay with that. Those things fell into place rather smoothly. He has been an amazing addition to our family, and now even more so the extended family members like Jeep and Steelwerks, as I am watching budding friendships taking place there which makes me super happy too.

What we have not talked about are the times we have all gotten in each other’s way, the times one of us forgot to communicate something to the other leading to hurt feelings, the times when a neighbor or friend stops by and wonders who is this guy who is always at your house who we offer no explanation for, the times when his duty as a Dad fucks with his mind which usually happens on the day’s my job or year is NOT fucking with mine, etc, etc, etc.

We also had to establish some rules and boundaries. Jack is my boy, my slave, my whatever it is I want him to be that day. There is no confusion on that. With Axel, he is in a daddy role with jack and, while he knows what I do to him, knows why is ass is beaten or bruised, or knows that jack spent the day attached to a point under my desk for my comfort and not his, he still doesn’t really THINK that way. For Axel, jack is a submissive who he likes to use to have his dick sucked. or to rub his shoulders, etc. In addition, the Daddy side of Ax also always wants to make jack comfortable. These two differences in our treatment of jack, in my mind, make it more hot, but rules have to be made and, in these cases, I have had to overrule Axel which is not something I would like to do. If Axel had his way, jack would unlock more. That is absolutely not happening and we had to establish that too.

One example of this was a day a few months ago when the boy had pissed me off about something (minor as I don’t remember what) and I was going to lay into his ass later when I finished what I was working on work wise. Jack knew it too. When I was done I came out of my office and jack and Ax were nowhere to be found. Channeling my inner Nancy Drew, I followed the distinctive clues up the stairs and discovered Ax had jack on the massage table and was giving him a full massage. I was neither mad or hurt, but had some feeling in between, because in that case boy made one parent mad while the other comforted him. How was I going to make my point about whatever it was while he was all relaxed and oily? I was more upset with Axel because he knew my plans for jack but didn’t think about the fact one awaiting punishment doesn’t need pleasure. We talked. We were fine. It was a growing step.

Another time jack and I were upstairs having really good sex – something that is FULLY endorsed by Axel – when suddenly the alarm chime on the garage door chimed and, I’ll be damned, Axel came home early without telling us. I felt like I was in one of those Desperate Housewives shows were I was throwing clothes at the boy, was getting dressed, and was getting ready to make him jump out the second story window when I realized that it was okay. It was fine. Axel did not come upstairs but we didn’t finish either and I think we all went to dinner without making any eye contact. There was nothing to be ashamed of, but it felt like there SHOULD BE, so that is a weird adjustment to factor in. It’s happened in reverse too and while it’s sort of an unintentional cuckholding, it does feel weird letting them finish while I load the dishwasher. Yes, we each could have joined, but talk about inviting yourself to the party already in progress. While my mother never used this particular situation as an example, I do believe she would have been appalled.

So, I have tons more stories and examples and every single one of them was worth it to get to have what I have but I will not go through them now. The point I wanted to make on this was to be who you are, create a relationship that reflects on that, but don’t expect it to be easy.

This is a continuing story and I expect to have jack write more as well. Stay tuned.


  1. Drew. Always an insightful vision of what real relationships are like. Ups, downs, challenges and triumphs. Very thankful here of your honesty and truth telling. Loving the insight into your journey.

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  2. Wow Drew! I’m really fascinated with your Triad story. I didn’t realise such relationships existed until about 15 years ago when I was invited, through a gay dating app at the time, to meet with a triad family. There was a Daddy figure, like Axel, and two others around the same age – one it seems a bit like you, and the other a bit like Jack, because he lived separately (just down the road from where my parents had a house in my school years).

    The meeting went well, but was of a “screening” process to ensure each member was comfortable with me to later proceed to a sexual encounter with the 3 of them.

    Following the introductory meeting, some days later after internal discussions between them as to my suitability, I was asked to come back. As accepting as I always have been, but recently out of a 10 year relationship and reticent about becoming intimately involved, I declined!

    I’ve been involved in 3-way sex with 2 partners and me. Often precarious with partners, This was a new level.

    Ive been developing my kinky side for probably 12 years now, thanks to having met a couple on a train in UK! I’ve never looked back, and that couple are 2 of my closest friends to this day!!

    Thank you for allowing me into your fold!

    Tony xx

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  3. The Drew Realities!
    It is not just about a Duality.

    What I love about your Drew is your raw emotion and honesty and I feel extremely privileged to not only read what you write about, see you express it in person (although that has been 13 months too long), but that you take the time to teach others about what it may mean for them, through a shared experience between You, Axel and now the boy jack.

    2020 almost broke a lot people, me included, but I know you are always there, just as I am for you and your family.

    Love from Aus!


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